Privilege Bingo: Virginia school labeling military kids 'privileged'

Fairfax County Public Schools uses something called Privilege Bingo to have high school students “check their privilege.” This is founded on the concept of White Privilege and is a cornerstone of CRT. Again, what the hell is this trash (is claimed to not be in the schools) doing in our schools.

Fairfax County high schoolers were asked to play “privilege bingo” to check their privilege. Some examples of privilege in the game included anyone that is a male, Christian, heterosexual, and anyone from a military family, among other categories.

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This is not education, this is bigoted Marxist indoctrination meant to divide. A disabled veteran father found out about this and went off on the school district.

Fairfax County Public Schools released a statement “apologizing for any offense” the activity caused, and said it “honors the experiences of all our families,” including those who serve in the military.

The statement also mentioned the school has “revised” its privilege bingo.

Note the school isn’t pulling this garbage from the schools, it is just revising it, meaning they are going to keep having kids measure their privilege.

Disabled veteran furious over Virginia school labeling military kids ‘privileged’: ‘Absolutely unacceptable’


So privilege means…making good choices in life. I guess that’s true but isn’t it cool that all of us have that same privilege? What separates us more than any other factor, are the choices in life we make…period. Facing this truth, if you’ve made poor choices, would then mean you have to look in the mirror and that’s too tough for so many…which is why they continue on making bad choices.


I made the good choice to be a white straight able-bodied male born right here in the US with parents who were married and made sure I didn’t have to worry about hunger. I have no compassion for those who chose poorly.



What does that have to do with one’s children being indoctrinated by public schools?

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Your parents made good choices and you were the beneficiary of them. The question now becomes, will you do the same for the next generation? So many males do not, which is THE number one problem with in our country today. They don’t provide the guidance you received and then…all to often…the result is the next generation making bad choices.


You guys are just mashing everything into the CRT clown car these days, eh?

You do know that the limited scope of the actual theory is in interrogating structures of power, not in handwaving to instances of privilege?

Scratch that. You guys know this is just about your fragile feelings, and a failure to confront your own constructed identities.


What does the exercise in question have to with indoctrination?

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Argues the faction demanding actual indoctrination in schools, replete with political tests, surveillance and bounties/penalties for insufficient jingoism.

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Add here I thought it was the liberals that were supposed to be the snowflakes


Is anyone surprised that an identity conceived as a fortress against the changing world would be a fragile thing?

What’s fragile, are the mindsets of children being confused, by the confusion of so many confused adults. This “changing world” you speak of, are the failures of parents being responsible, to lovingly guide those they’ve brought into this world, into adulthood, along the path of education. Currently there are so many failures in this endeavor, the weak mindsets among us now want to consider this, the norm. It’s not. It’s the road of failure, that just leads to more failure and unhappiness in the next generation. The problem and answer are the same. It’s a lifelong pursuit for each of us to live up to the responsibilities of our lives, making good choices along the way, fulfilling the promises we’ve made.


Not everything is because daddies don’t chastise their daughters.

Nope…it’s not but it’s THE number one problem.

This fentanyl crossing our southern borders is quickly developing into another huge problem and I don’t hear enough noise about it. All of us should be very concerned. It’s killing many of our youth and it’s exacerbating quickly.

Nah. The problem I see here is reductively trying to explain complexity in terms of backward looking myths of a golden age. Plus, you know, the white supremacist and fascist GOP turning everything into a ragey inducement to violence.


Life starts out quite simple. Complexity are the challenges along the way that were either by chance but most often, self inflicted.

So, right to the bromides-and-motivational-posters stage? We’re skipping the lamentations on divisiveness?

Right out of the Crit dictionary. Well done.


That’s very sad.

No one gets to choose what race or ethnicity they were born, or what one or both parents do for a living.

Nobody chooses to be attracted to members of the opposite sex, either. It’s pretty much the default setting.

Kids and teens have been given a hard enough time in part due to nonsense that never should have been allowed to take place, like isolation and remote education. They don’t need to be humiliated in front of their peers with this privilege crap.

This isn’t a educational lesson. It is a purposeful effort to elicit a negative emotional response, meant, depending on the identity group of the child exposed to the material, to instill either racial animus or a sense of unjustified racial guilt. This is just indoctrination, it is a form of mental and emotional abuse meant to groom behavior.


The people running that school system are obviously woke lib nuts.

The parents should run the lot of them off and start over!