Presidents Peak Net Worth Ratings have Trump #1 - Washington #2 and Jefferson #3

Most presidents before 1845 were extremely wealthy. For example, the richest Presidents of all time list include four of the initial seven Presidents (Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Jackson). Adjusted for inflation to 2016 dollars president names and estimates of their respective peak net worth’s entering office of the top 6 are:

1 Trump $3,100 Million
2 Washington $587 Million
3 Jefferson $236 Million
4 T. Roosevelt $139 Million
5 Jackson $132 Million
6 Madison $113 Million

Interesting enough nine past Presidents had a negative peak net worth (Buchanan, Lincoln, A.Johnson, Grant, Grant, Arthur, Wilson, Coolidge and Truman). Harry S.Truman was the poorest with much less than $1 million of assets attached to his name. In 1958 with HST experiencing financial trouble presidential pensions were 1st created. In recent years, newly elected Presidents need not worry about financial security once leaving the White House. Retirement perks for modern day Executives now extend far past modest monthly payments received via Government. With considerable income raised upon leaving office generated from public speaking alone it is little wonder that future president’s net worth have much higher peaks to climb.

It is true when analyzing historical data it can be spun in any direction. Whether or not a presidential candidate believes the idiom “Money can’t buy happiness” history has taught us money entering an election can usually favorably factor in quite a bit.

I’m shocked well educated rich landowners control politics in an era when only well educated rich landowners could enter politics.


Can we maybe change that B to an M for Trump?

CanadianJudo: Would you also be shocked to learn that Andrew Jackson was born into poverty?

I have my doubts that the President is as rich as he says he is.

The man has a ton of debt.

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Washington wasn’t born into poverty.
Washington father was a wealthy landowner.

DougBH: Good catch, thanks, already made edit :smiley

See were you can get when you stiff contractors, lie on tax reports (depending on if they are for loans or tax assessors), run casino’s and then claim bankruptcy (really who can run a freaking casino into bankruptcy when people are literally handing you money), and create your own fraud “University” to milk the suckers.


He once tried to sue someone who publicly said he couldn’t write a check for 100 million dollars.

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As did Jefferson.

Beats the hell out of choosing a poor, non land owner.

So much so no bank in these United States of America would give him a loan. One of those things that make you wonder where the hell is getting his money from. Reason why he need to show is damn taxes.

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Andrew Jackson is 5th on the list and he had no education.

He doesn’t “need” to show anything. Nobody is going to vote for or against him based on his tax returns. Releasing them will not gain a single vote. So he doesn’t “need” to do it.

False, as usual. Washington was born into a middle class family. Washington married his great wealth.

I don’t get down with conspiracy theories, so hypothetically speaking what if the he’s getting his money from Russian Oligarchs? Would that be a concern and something you would want to know?

All the Russia crap is really getting boring. Can’t we a least switch to a different country for a while? How about Mongolia? Can we try Mongolia?

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I think it’s funny that anybody believes Trump is a billionaire. He’s liquid about half of what he inherited.

It was a yes or no answer

Jefferson was broke as hell when he died.