Presidential proclamation

When did he declare that?

I was channeling Ziggy Marley, who was playing in my Google Home Hub at the moment.

No he cannot, actually.

Do you know how federalism works?

  1. Article II, Section 1, Clause 1 of the Constitution simply states: "The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.

  2. The count isn’t certified.

There’s nothing in there that says he can declare anything about state law.

This is not grief. This is sanctity in the election process.

Actually the Constitution is designed to encourage protests the against scenarios that are occurring. The Constitution is not meant to give us things. It is meant to define our rights and protect against imposition of infringing on our rights.

Which belongs to the states. You have liberals having to explain federalism in this thread.


There is nothing say he cant

It’s not his domain.

Exactly. The PA legislators made law that Nov 3 is the deadline. All the president is doing is claiming that to be true.

Yes there is…elections are managed by the state.

He can declare all he wants…his declarations have no force at the state level.

This is how federalism works.

Sure and that proclamation has no power

In fact, didn’t the US Supreme Court already say that the PA Supreme Court cannot declare the late ballots as valid – that it’s only the job of the PA Legislature to do that? (Thought I hears something to that effect.)

If so, then certainly the President cannot do so.

So if the president declare martial law the state doesn’t have to enforce it? Presidential declarations have weight.

I recommend that you drop this idea.



I guess Trump could declare the election a sham, declare martial law, and put Biden/Kamala on trial for crimes against the people.


No they did not do that.

They haven’t ruled anything yet.

All they told PA to do was segregate those ballots.

And the logic of the argument is itself fundamentally stupid.

It leads to such illogical conclusions as “if the Legislature passes an election law, the governor can’t veto it.

A presidential proclamation isn’t making state law. It is recognizing that the state’s law that was passed by it’s legislature is recognized by the US government is as valid.