Presidential proclamation

Use a presidential proclamation to declare PA election law as binding. This will void all ballots after Nov 3.

None of this works that way.


The president has already hearby declared the winner of the electoral votes.

What else is needed.



Small federal government conservatives… mmmm

  1. Can you point to the part of the Constitution that give the President that authority?
  2. Even if the President had that authority, there are only around 4,000 ballots that came in after November 3. Go ahead and void them…it won’t change the outcome. All you’ll do is piss off about 4,000 people who voted.

I’ll be glad when everyone has processed their grief over Trump’s loss and we can focus on crucifying the Biden Administration.


Yeah mon!

Forward looking!

Goals are important.

That might fly in places like Russia but our Constitution is set up to prevent scenarios like that


I don’t know why they are not there yet.

So much more fun and natural to play offense than defense.

According to Jones Day, there aren’t enough late arriving ballots to change the outcome in PA.
By the way, Jones Day is the firm that filed the lawsuit in PA

Six Jones Day lawyers said that given the small number of late-arriving ballots involved in the litigation, and the fact that they already had been segregated, the main goal of the litigation seemed to be to erode public confidence in the election results.

According to political expert Phillip J. Cooper, a presidential proclamation “states a condition, declares a law and requires obedience, recognizes an event or triggers the implementation of a law (by recognizing that the circumstances in law have been realized).”[[32]] Presidents define situations or conditions on situations that become legal or economic truth. Such orders carry the same force of law as executive orders, the difference between being that executive orders are aimed at those inside government, but proclamations are aimed at those outside government.

Oh I’m certain you © haven’t forgotten her.

I was asking if @JayJay was channeling her.

Heck yeah. Time to give Biden some grief.

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Cooper has no idea what he’s talking about

So a presidential proclamation has no weight? And PA legislators have no right in election law? (Constitutional)

So you are saying that the president can’t proclaim that a PA legislator passed as law in PA is valid?