Presidential Approval Rating

Seriously Conan, do you expect an answer from libs on that one? :wink:

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In all due respect Samm…NO!!!

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They aren’t going to come out and say that in that form, they will however defend every action the idiot has taken as the best policy ever put into practice.

Oh this i would love to see

“Best policy ever put into practice”

I know you were being facetious but i would love to see this.

I bet forum libs all support Biden energy policy too.

You think he’s doing a good job…or do YOU blame energy companies?

I have said repeatedly that he is doing a terrible job. He has no message no proposals nothing.

I don’t blame energy companies but i confused why the price of oil is less than it was in2008 but the price of gas is higher

So people are not defending him at every turn?


It’s the scarcity of oil as much as the price per barrel. Biden is begging Saudi Arabia to increase production and they just laugh at him. This whole thing can be laid directly in the lap of Joe Biden (whoever is pulling his strings) and the radical environmentalists that would have us living back in caves.

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Some will some will defend anything. Of course. As a majority. No they are not. Look at the polls

We were speaking of here, not out “there”.

Ohh still some so do. Many don’t.

That’s not true.


which part?

Many don’t.

You believe the majority of people here do not defend just about everything Biden and this admin does or has done?


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Not really. We can start a poll though.

“What about Trump doh!” is not a defense of Brandon.

How many of them are mad because he’s not doing more prog?

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Not even close. There is a reason why so many threads are lib free zones which you guys never miss a chance to point out

So many? That’s apparently subjective. And why is it they are lib free zomes?

Because it’s so hard for some to say yeah, Biden screwed that one up? Instead it’s easier to pretend the thread doesn’t even exist? I can see how that makes it easier for some.

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