President Trump

(You’re Outta Here!)
Ok, that’s it. I’m finally done with Donald J. Trump. For a while now I have been reading the words of people I’ve respected for many years, as they have encouraged me to think very poorly of D.J.T. and to want him gone. GONE! Current and former attorneys, doctors, athletes, law enforcement, teachers, politicians, and so on. Now, I’m prepared to put him in a little pirogue, “Old Man and the Sea” style and set him adrift. Good riddance! See ya, Mr. D.J.T.! Or in this case, “Sea” ya! Ha! Bye! Later! Take a hike, Mr. “Never Shoulda Been President In The First Place”.
There, done. Whew! Finally!
And I don’t want to hear any “Trumpsters”- type reasoning. I don’t care that he got little North Korea the Fourth to come to the “Let’s get along” peace table. Doesn’t matter - have you seen the D’s hair? C’mon! It is insignificant to me that “Mr. Trump” saved American lives by freeing up our military leaders to make such monumental progress to do, in a very short time, something we were told for years and by multiple administrations could not be done – cripple ISIS. Seriously, have you seen some of the faces he makes? The fact that he has addressed the border in a way we were led to believe, by democrats AND republicans, could not be done, means little to nothing. I mean, really - have you read some of his tweets? Uh huh, finished! I give. I can’t, with good conscience, defend him any longer. It carries little weight with me that the minority unemployment rates are lower than ever. I refuse to be fooled by the fact that he has placed women in significant roles in his companies and continues to do so as president. Why should he get credit for bringing business and businesses back to this country? Just because he has done these things does not mean he accomplished them and deserves admiration for such. Hey, just ask Mr. “You didn’t do that” Obama. So, what now? I assume those constantly berating him for every little thing he does must surely have another plan. They never offer one, they just take shots and run. There are plenty of options these folks have voted for, stood behind, and promoted for years that have done and said the exact things, and far worse, than our current president. But, HE needs to go.
Ok, let us examine the possibilities they may very well have in mind.
The first option must surely be Hillary. Our current president made negative comments about women that almost no other man has ever made, and Hillary will be there to stand up for all women when an ogre like “The Donald” says bad things. I mean, clearly, she has always tried to help women, not attack them, when she was made aware they had been talked about, improperly and inappropriately approached in a vulgar way, used in The Oval Office, or even raped. Oh wait! Ugh. Next! (If only the highly thought of for decades democrat star Ted “Lion of the Senate - Grilling witnesses about waterboarding while on a congressional panel after leaving a young lady to drown” Kennedy were here to take up for women. He would be perfect!) Yeah, I know.
President Trump, it has been said, has lied. I’m not saying he has not, I don’t know for sure. Probably has. But, if we could get President Obama to come back, we could fix the dishonesty in The Whitehouse issue. Hey, at least Barack Obama always shot straight with us. He would never have been dishonest about Obamacare, Benghazi (Can you say dead bodies?), or communicating on Hillary’s illegal bathroom closet server with his secret code name to avoid being discovered. Hmmm. We’d better keep looking.
They say Mr. Trump is not mentally stable. (His business acumen and incredible success says he is REEEEEALLY lucky, then.) Maybe Nancy “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it” Pelosi would work. At last, clear thinking sanity! ‘Nuff said.
Let’s switch gears. Could be the guys and gals trying to take out “Trumpy”, and are so doggedly nasty about it, could be thinking another conservative/republican. Let’s give it a try.
I know, Mike Pence! Yes! I mean, NO! Now that I think of it, that stooge thinks it to be a good idea to not have one-on-one dinners out with a female other than his wife. Really, Mike? My wife would just love it if I did such. (Right!) He also believes that God moves his heart to think certain thoughts and do specific things. That’s just freaky, dude! (Never mind that “The Oprah” herself said she was waiting to “hear from God”, and nothing was said to ridicule her. Or for that matter, many others involved in our political process. Wonder why? It almost looks like it depends on allegiances, not the reality of a very real God that indeed guides.)
Man, this is hard. If only Jesus would come back, then we could have a sinless president that everyone would support, and the nation would surely come together as one. Oh yeah – that didn’t work last time He was here.
The problem with President Donald J. Trump, as with all of the other possibilities, is that he is human. A very flawed human, just like all of us. However, he does possess a skill set this country has been in desperate need of for decades. I do not care for some of his tweets. The silly faces he makes cause me to laugh, and cringe. Sometimes I just want to scream. “STOP!”. But he is who he is, and I for one am glad he is on our team. Some of the things it is alleged he has done and said, as well as issues we know for a fact he has, are just wrong. But I do believe, with the help of God and God’s people, he is trying to properly work through each of those issues.
The people that have been so very aggressively against the president have all been in situations where teamwork was required. Football players in a huddle do not agree on a play. They are not in there doing “Rock/Paper/Scissors”. A play is called by a coach or chosen by the quarterback and run. Agreed upon or not, the play is run in 100% full-throttle mode by everyone in the huddle. If not, everything can break down and the play has less opportunity for success. Same story with a team of attorneys in a courtroom, or the assemblage of doctors and nurses in an operating room, or people leading a country through difficult times.
I have seen many paintings of George Washington crossing the Delaware to fight close to 1,400 Hessian soldiers at Trenton. I always wonder if everyone in that boat was in complete agreeance on their mission. Truth is, most likely they were not. The plan of action had been hotly debated in more than one council of war, and there were certainly spies and deserters. However, there were enough that came together behind the Christmas 1776 mission, designed and timed to achieve victory and lift morale and recruiting numbers for the Continentals, that victory was achieved.
It may just be time to stop expecting perfection from this president and start respecting that it is very possible he has been chosen for such a time as this, flaws included.
It seems the fear many have is that our president is succeeding and will continue to succeed at things so many before him, from both parties, have either failed at or not even tried because they simply did not know how to achieve victory in these areas and/or were scared to take on the forces they knew well would come against them if they dared try. At this point a phrase we used for some of our friends as kids comes to mind - “He/She ain’t scared”. President D.J.T. is not scared, and we should rejoice over the fact he is a warrior, and on our side as an American. He is a fighter, and I am proud he is on our team. At this point, with D.J.T.’s record of so many achievements, while showing an incredible aptitude to learn and adjust in difficult arenas, many are fearful he could be put out to sea in a little boat, then somehow come sailing back with an assembled armada built from scrap wood. I can see it now, as Sean Hannity would be on the bow being the first to report this incredible achievement.
Then, the next morning, the official press reports would come out stating, “Trump Goes Fishing and Catches Nothing”.
(Of course, Chuck Schumer would find a mic to report this colossal defeat. Over and over.)
For the first time in what seems like forever, we have a leader, though one with shortcomings, that is not afraid to take on issues, domestic as well as international, that most if not all before him could not or would not. Finally! And he is succeeding while being viciously attacked. THAT is a trooper, people! A fighter! A warrior! An achiever! My guess is most people would love to have their friends, family, and certainly children be so success oriented, and be so fearless about it.
It may just be time to stop punching holes in the boat and work together to seize the victory “OUR” president is trying to lead us to. Stop attacking him and start praying for him.
He needs it! No, WE need it.


Not a single person here is going to finish reading that entire wall of text, not going to happen.



Waste of time


A true artist does art for art’s sake, not so people will look at it.


The whole lot could have been taken care of with one sentence.

Ayup, without a doubt.

What the OP painted though is an amateurish paint by number rendition of Donald Trump on threadbare velvet , in text form.

A true artist is not necessarily a good artist.

Thanks for the chuckles!

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Or generally appealing.

But often entertaining.

Brevity is the soul of wit.

But did Shakespeare mean “wit” as in funny or “wit” as in smart?

Cliffs Notes:

Donald is cool.

Why you no cool, lib?

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Did you pray for obama and ask for people to stop attacking him too?

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Tldr version?

Those are not mutually exclusive.

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That Kenyan usurper Muslim interloper who singlehandedly destroyed America, completely destroyed America, deserved every attack he received and not one word of prayer.

Didn’t he take your guns away too Lou?

I did. Every word.

Of course I disagree with most of it. But it was a good post.