President Trump

Listen, Trump is the best thing that happen to America after the radical lefty Obama did so much damage to our country—and were counting third term of Obama with crowning queen Hillary as the new POTUS!

Try condensing you points, using paragraphs, etc.

This is just stupid.

Every one of them. :frowning_face:

Polonius said it while explaining to the king and queen his theory that Hamlet was mad. Given that he was the most long-winded character in the play, I suspect ol’ Bill not only wanted to say that wisdom was better conveyed through brevity, but it was also meant as a joke that the old gasbag Polonius was the one advocating for it. :wink:

I have been listening to that bogus line of BS for a long time without seeing one bit of evidence.

The football analogy was weak.

To each his own…