President Trump to visit Troops? no.....just going to phone-it-in

I certainly hope so. Iraq, Afghanistan, some place where they could use some love while they are away from family and friends. Could maybe mend a few hard feelings at home too.


Unless of course it rains.

minot air force base…

I heard he is afraid of being killed.


By whom?


He will be joining the troops repelling the invasion at the southern border… Will probably lead the charge, on horseback, for the great Battle of Brownsville…


vets lay in cemeteries. soldiers serve. our president golfs and tweets.

that’s just who he is.

i’m waiting for military members, both past and present, to figure him out and stop supporting him. they’re smart guys. they know when a politician (a sleazy one) is using them.

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Obama gave a country that killed hundreds of Americans billions, did you get a thank you card from Iran?

Ha ha ha. Trump doesn’t visit troops. Troops are just political props. Trump treats troops like the ■■■■ he thinks they are.

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I bet he says something nice about them at his next rally.

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He is uncomfortable with that. Just like he is uncomfortable walking or appearing in the rain.

So NO.

this is about right isn’t it?


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So far he has not visited any troops in a war zone. Last year it was more important that he spend time recuperating at Mar-a-Lago but he did video chat with some troops so thats okay.

We have come a long way from the good old day when Cons would tell us how important it was for a President to have some military experience now they dont even think the President needs to visit US troops in a war zone.

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Doubtless Donald will visit the troops…

…with many supportive tweets.

Kind of a “normal” thing for Presidents to do.

I know, I know…Trump’s a maverick, tough guy, rule breaker, drainer of swamps!

But, we could use a little “normalcy” around the holidays.

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When pigs fly.

Mayb3 when his bone spurs heal he will go.

Yes. You won’t know until he is back.


Dumpster Donnie never does it that way.

The only way this happens will be to make it all about himself.