President Trump to visit Troops? no.....just going to phone-it-in

I understand that you couldn’t care less about the safety of our President, but which President EVER announced the time and location before he visited the troops?

Considering Trump is THE MOST insincere person to ever occupy the White House, any trip by him will be meaningless.

He has nothing but contempt for the military, regardless of what empty platitudes he occasionally throws their way.

He has never served. Nobody in his family has ever served. He has no idea what public service—or service at all—means, unless it’s about someone serving him. Commander-in-chief? What a joke. Our military deserves a lot better than this.

Seems he is just going to “phone-it-in”.

Reading campaign rhetoric to troops on the other side of the planet…Heartwarming!!!


It will be about how nice his end of the call was.

Hopefully he conferences from the most luxurious room in Mar-a-Lago, so the troops can see what they’re serving for.

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I hope there’s a Mr. Trump Wedge Salad and Three Layer Chocolate Cake staged on the table in front of him.

Not to worry! President Lardass kept his butt safe and cozy by phoning it in from the plush and elegant confines of his private elite oceanside resort.

Obama never called the troops on thanksgiving. I guess that means he didn’t care about them. I’m not surprised though considering Obama was a lib.

I for one hated it when the President, Vice President or anybody like that visited. It was a huge pain in the ass.

You certainly don’t have to worry about that with this president. He’s a coward. The dude is afraid of wind blowing his hair.

He’s the opposite of soldiers.

Man, this dude is so transparent. But at least we know he watches TV and is creative enough to pacify his enablers. It’s like watching a mom give a kid a lollipop.

Anyway, watch for the people who get suckered by this. They will be very creative.

Oh, remember, there is no wind in Facetime.

But at least he saved some money that he can spend playing golf.

What a piece of ****.

It’s ■■■■■■■ thanksgiving. Do something for your fellow man you lump of crap.

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His tweets aren’t enough for you? Obama didn’t even do that.

Lol let me guess, from luxurious Mar-a-Lago? Will the golf course be the backdrop? The swimming pool? His golden toilet?

Piece of elitist ■■■■■

Oh, hadn’t you heard? There’s no such thing as an elitist to “conservatives.” That is, of course, if they have an R behind their name.

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he will need to schedule this conference call around his golf. i wonder what “time of day” the troops are worth to him.

Donald knows how to reach an audience. If he had traveled to a military base he would have limited his audience to those there. With a live stream he can reach a million times more troops and their families.

Those people can already see his livestreams. Big whoop.

He’s just like one of us, not like those coastal elites. A true hero of the military and the working class!