President Trump to Ban Bump Stocks

By the same token then your freedom of speech only extends to hand printed newspapers and soap boxes in the town square. Jotting down thoughts from a small piece of metal and glass while sitting on the crapper is not covered by the first amendment.

On the plus side, this would also take that right away from the president, who needs to post a lot less at 3am from the bathroom.

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Can’t you help me then? When and where were bump stocks and banana clips used by people in a good way, not military/police?

This is not about the relevance to the 2nd Amendment. She has a total right to apply her experience (or lack thereof) to make choices for herself, but she has no right to make those choices for anyone else, regardless of what we are talking about.

You are right. But on the other hand, Trump has no authority to ban them.

Currently, citizens are allowed to own grenade launchers, howitzers, tanks and jet fighters (but not rocket munitions.) All it takes is money (a lot of it in some cases) and successfully completing the permit process.

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I presume that included in your lack of experience is visits to public outdoor shooting ranges. Thousands of people utilize such facilities to expend millions of rounds of ammunition every year … many of them fired through firearms equipped with “banana clips” and bump stocks. Try it sometime. It’s fun!

Dont really care…

About what? Being right for once?

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Thanks, but you did not answer my question. I do not think some people “having fun at a gun range” is worth the horrible mass shootings that are plaguing the United States.

Him not having the power

The military and police do not use bump stocks.

There’s no such thing as a banana clip.

How many mass shootings have there been in this country with bump stocks?

You are just trying to avoid giving any positive reason for their existence, and that they have only resulted in the deaths of many citizens…

I see through your games.

Not at all, it’s ok that you don’t know. One.

Based on that logic, we would be much better off banning cell phones. 14 teenagers a day.

Everyone knows both were used in the horrific Vegas shooting.

That’s the claim.

You guys remind me of my little nephew, when I take something dangerous from him that he thinks he is a toy, he cries, but it is for the better!

And cell phones have more positives that can be listed, not just “me and my bros have fun at the gun range”.

I’m not a child. You won’t be taking anything from me.

You don’t decide my own good.

You have bump stocks? Why?