President Trump to Ban Bump Stocks

And some conservatives believed he’s a friend of the 2nd Amendment.


Who believes he, a NYC democrat, is any such thing?

Oh and no he’s not.

In what way is he not?

I was introduced to bumpstocks around 5 or 6 years ago and as soon as I saw one, I thought it was just a way to circumvent the law regarding fully automatic weapons and concluded they should be outlawed.


i have to admit this makes me laugh.

He’s not banning anything, he’s just talking.

Good, they also need to ban those huge clips.

Yeah. It not like he has pushing this since march or directed the atf to draw up regulations or anything…

What clips?

The big ones I saw in the pictures of the Las Vegas shooting with like 100s of rounds, I think they called them “banana clips”.

No one should have those!

Why shouldn’t that?

For the same reason we don’t need bump stocks in 2018, they are designed for killing large numbers of things quickly. That doesn’t seem like something needed for protecting a home or hunting!

Our military and police don’t need em either.

Now that is silly!

Killing lots of things quickly is exactly what the military does! And sometimes the police (SWAT).

So you don’t want the people to have same arms as our military and police?
Why not?

I have never seen them used for anything but horrifying acts!

Banning bump stocks do not affect your rights to own a firearm…end of story.

Your lack of experience does not make you an authority on what people should or should not be allowed to possess.

I can’t believe this. I agree.