President Trump ending birth tourism?

Finally we are doing something to stop people from coming here just to deliver an anchor baby. It’s about time! :clap:

Can’t get that excited about it, apparently something like 36,000 people a year do it, seems like not such a large problem to me.

By itself, none of the problems are large. But if we go after the top ten immigration issues, it certainly makes a difference. I think it’s a great idea.

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It’s all about the optics of fearing immigrants.

I don’t object to it, just not that excited about it, now if he was able to actually sink birthright citizenship then I’d get excited.

I’d be curious what the profile of these 36,000 people is. I suspect that they are often the sorts of people with resources whom Trumpian’s like at immigrants. I know one person who was a birth tourist citizen; I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone from a wealthier family (manufacturing interests in Asia), Her parents had arranged for all three of their children to be born in the States and have dual citizenship. But these were hardly people who were trying to take advantage of social welfare programs.

So which problem are we solving here, beyond waving red meat at the base?

Election year pandering.

Good idea or bad idea?

Being otherwise desirable immigrants doesn’t mean they get to skip the immigration line using a loophole. Rich immigrants aren’t entitled to illegally cross the border any more than poor ones.

Good idea, wrong President.

Fair point.

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You’re half right. It can’t be the wrong President because no other president had the guts to do it.

Is this across the board or will it be targeted to certain demographics? Considering this administrations past policies and knowing who in the White House advising and helping to draft public policy I have a feeling it’s the latter.

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Of course they are, this is America.

As a president he can not end it. Congress would have to pass an amendment, and the state ratify it. Don’t look for that to happen any time soon.

Its having the guts to tackle problems like this that Trump even stands a chance of being re elected. Wrong in the mouth, right on policies.
Watch Democrat officials figure out some way to be outraged.

Birthright citizenship is only an issue because of the large number of people illegally in the country giving birth and citizenship. If immigration laws were effectively enforced and interior deportations increased, then birthright citizenship becomes more of an oddity of our Constitution than a problem.

President Trump turning water into wine? :clap:

I agree with that 100%

And Pelosi is turning his many accomplishments into whine. :cry: