President Trump eliminating a major federal agency

This is exactly how things need to be done. Eliminating agencies that are no longer worth the expense. Where the work is redundant and can be accomplished by other agencies or technology. A major agency has not been eliminated since WW2. This is revolutionary. And the best part? Nobody gets fired. People either get retired or absorbed into other agencies until they are retired. For the my democratic friends who have suddenly become deficit hawks, this is great news!

I am still not sure how decentralization of security clearance processing is a great thing? Need more details on this before passing judgement

The mere fact that Trump is eliminating it means it’s probably vital in some way to guaranteeing ethics and integrity.


Not even close. They are not an enforcement agency. They have nothing to do with any of that. May I suggest that you read the article?

When Trump is finally out of office and the stench has simmered down a bit, I hope we are able to undo or re-establish everything that trump perpetrated or destroyed.

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Consistency is critical, especially at high levels of government. Interrupting that consistency, no doubt for some nefarious reason, has Trump written all over it.

Fair concern. I’m not sure who will absorb this responsibility. Lets see how the arguments for and against play out.

If the Trump administration is able to dismantle the OPM, it will be the first major federal agency to be eliminated since World War II.

Huh. Imagine that.

The article says DOD.

Thanks. I read it too fast. That’s probably where it belongs anyway.

We get the rest of the troops home and no more wars, they should be able to handle it.

When I worked for the DOD it was the DOD that did security clearance investigations and approvals. So moving other agencies clearances there wouldn’t decentralize it, it would more likely centralize it I didn’t even know OPM did that.

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Good point.

I hear the wall is built too. And Hillary is in jail. And the ACA has been repealed. And Phat Donnie eliminated waste, fraud, and abuse.

Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to be granted a tour of the Pentagon. What an amazing place! Full some of the best and brightest people I have ever met. I’m sure they can pull this off.

So it sounds like you are in favor of closing down this agency? Good for you! We love fiscal responsibility. We need more of it from both parties.

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Exactly the way it should be!

Seriously. Is there a big reset button we can hit?

Hillary gave it to Vlad. He thought it was meant to be an invade Ukraine button.

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Hillary never had it. Only Presidents get that button. Trump probably left it at Kim’s house. Or traded it for a bucket of KFC.