President Trump Cancels Stimulus Negotiations 10/06/2020

...request, and looking to the future of our Country. I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business. I have asked...

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 6, 2020

So President Trump has ended Stimulus Package negotiations and it is having a negative impact on the stock market.


  1. How will this impact the economic recovery. Remember the recovery isn’t just about making money on the stock market, the economy is getting people back to work in a safe manner.

  2. With no continuation of any kind of relief, how will this impact unemployment, unemployment insurance, airline relief, and the ability of local government to function.

  3. Will this impact voters?

  4. How is President Trump supposed to pass this “major Stimulus BIll” after the election when he does not control the House where spending bills must originate under the United States Constitution.
    .WW, PSHS

That is going to go well for the upcoming debates that he has cut off any possibility of stimulus until 2021 and has tanked the market.

Seems like an odd political strategy.

Is Trump trying to lose the election on purpose?


It’s not an entirely off the wall question.

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I don’t see why he would. His only legal protection right now is the. office,

My guess is that he is riling up his base by. pitting blue v red but the thing is that his supporters are going to get screwed also.

trump extended his middle finger to middle america.
30k airline employees who just lost their jobs wont regain them. i dont see them hurrying to vote for covid donnie.

anyone unemployed wont be in a hurry either.

its almost liek hes trying to not only tank the presidential election but hes also workign to make sure the senate flips

Republicans running for re-election are ■■■■■■■■ bricks right about now.

Trump wants the SCOTUS pick so bad, he’s willing to tank the economy.

If Nancy is “middle America”…you’re correct.


Nancy Pelosi will weather the COVID storm just fine.

His name is in the headlines again therefore it is a good move. Or something.

Funny thing is Nancy will probably still be the Speaker of the House in January.

President Trump will likely be looking for his next commercial enterprise. Speaker Boehner might be able to help him promote “Trump Cannabis”.

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The only remaining thread in his tattered campaign his his slight edge in polling over Biden in handling of the economy. Not sure what he was thinking here.

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Is trump trying to lose so he can resign and get a pardon?

“Several Trump advisers are utterly perplexed by Trump’s decision to stop COVID relief negotiations.

A Trump campaign adviser said: “You have to try to be this politically inept.”

One GOP lawmaker told Axios that this is “a gift” for Pelosi”

If that were to happen, I will be beyond crushed…believing and preparing for dark days ahead for our country.

Why would you be crushed with Trump doing infomercials for Trump Cannabis?


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Trump has two options if he loses, precepted on the fact that a Federal pardon only protects him from Federal charges.

  1. Stay in the United States and face the inevitable arrest warrant originating out of New York State.

  2. Go into exile in Trump Towers in Dubai, beyond the reach of extradition.


I’m interpreting from your post, that Trump lost the election and IMO…that would be catastrophic for our country.

By the end of the week, talks will start back up. (shrug).

I’ll say this. If getting a relief package requires all the lib pork in Pelosi’s package, we’re better off without one.


My money is on Turkey or the phillipines.

LOL. Your life won’t even change…