President Trump addresses the nation tonight


the wall will pay for the wall.



That was totally pointless. NBC doesn’t even know what to say about the nothingness.


Does he know there’s no election soon so playing to the people who hate immigrants does nothing…


Terrorists pouring over the border. All 12 of them. (Well 8 were in Canada). SNIFF.


He doesn’t do empathy well at all.


The anti-American godless communists on CNN are taking apart his talking points one by one.

Why do they hate 'Murica?


Good thing the so-called speech wrapped up quickly. Sniffles were getting out of control.


Chris Wallace and Shep Smith are panning the speech heavily on Fox. Not Fox News, but Fox proper. I was kind of surprised. They really were harsh. Wow


Requires a soul to be convincing.


11min by my watch, the best he can memorize with his dyslexia.


Its very difficult to act out an emotion one has never felt.


When you’re reading right to camera, the best option is to place the teleprompter directly above or below the camera. That way it appears that you’re essentially making eye contact with the viewer.

Don’t put it a few feet to the right of the camera. Then you look cross-eyed.

Also, if you’re having a hard time reading the teleprompter, move it closer or have it display text larger. Don’t squint.




Pelosi and Schummer look so funny too. I feel like I’m watching an SNL skit.


Lol Schumer said trump failed at getting Mexico to pay for the wall


“We don’t govern by temper tantrum.”



Agreed. They look like puppets.


Ha ha. Calling him a child.


They should have got someone better, but they’re definitely better than trump