President Trump addresses the nation tonight


Cecily Strong would have done a better Pelosi than whoever this Nancy Pelosi person is.


schumer speech is def better then pelosi imo


Yeah, they do.

They probably expected Trump to make a fool of himself, which he didn’t do.

They’re also being a little creepy with the eye contact thing.


Ha ha. So funny.


Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an Earth-Shattering Kaboom!



I didn’t see the Presidental waste of time… but normally the TelePrompTer is reflected on a peice of angled glass directly in front of the lens. Any TelePrompTer put off to the side of the lens means that there were nothing but incompetent ■■■■■ working there.

^^^^^^ says the guy with over 20 years experience in the TV and Movie business^^^^^


Not likely a telepropter, probably large block single word notes. Best a dyslexic can do.


NBC talking head is a dead ringer for Tina Fey.


Trump brought a knife to a gun fight.


Haha, they look stiff necked, they didn’t dispute any of the facts that Trump said. About the heroin coming on through, about the murders. Not one dispute of those things. About one of three women getting sexually abused. Counteracted with absolutely nothing.


a cake fork to a gun fight


So the meme is definitely going to be “so sad, so terrible.”


besides the fact that the house passed the bill the senate had pass to open governt, pres failed to get mexico pay for the wall, and that the shutdown is Trump fault…


that and walls around rich people


Most junkies start off in Mom and Dads medicine cabinet. Heroin is just where they go once they have robbed family and friends of any real money.


No, that was the prior session. The previous house did not pass that bill. The previous house, you should know actually voted to fund the wall. The only reason the Senate didn’t fund the wall in the previous session because they needed 60 votes. The Senate now can’t vote on what was passed in the previous session, same thing the house can’t pass what was only orally passed in the Senate.


I don’t know about his teeth but there seemed to be something really odd about his eyes.


Yeah, that’s the way I’ve always seen it.

He was definitely looking about 15-20° to the right of the camera though- and visibly squinting.

It must have been actual paper cue cards.


Bernie Sander’s response.


But they CAN vote on the bill the House passed, which is exactly the same as the bill they unanimously supported.

But Mitch McConnel, the worlds most pathetic turtle, refuses to bring it to a vote again. I wonder why.