President Poll - Last 40 Years


Among U.S. adults overall, 35% say Obama has done the best job over this period, followed by Reagan (23%), Trump (17%) and Clinton (12%).

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Obviously…the poll is racist. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Those 7 in my order:

  1. Trump
  2. Bush 2
  3. Reagan
  4. Obama
  5. Bush I
  6. Clinton
  7. Biden

Clearly obama.

8 years of prosperity.

And the ACA to boot.

Easy numero uno.



I would rank Reagan above Bush 2, but those were great choices that you compiled, SneakySFDude.

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Clearly Obamanation was one of the worst.

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How so?

He passed the ACA.

He got more citizens health insurance.

Even you have to agree that’s a good idea.


He did not get me anything and I disagree with what you think was good. As for getting more Americans insurance they did not want or like. Ha ha.

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Trump good
Reagan decent
Obama fair
…the rest sucked with hopefully Bush II and not Biden, at the bottom.

I would rank bush 2 above Obamanation

Although Obama in ways hurt the country, he was also handed a bucket of economic bull feces by his predecessor and it’s now in the history books, he turned it around without a lot of economic suffering. The truth is, I believe the call was so close to being disastrous, none of us may fully appreciate what happened under him without it having happened?

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Sounds ok to me. I could not stand Obamanation the Alinskyist myself.

Full stop, there was no “in ways”. He hurt the country.


I would also.

Mine would be…


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For sure Biden below Carter. And, Clinton above Obamanation. :+1:

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In 2008, homophobic marriage amendments and legal restrictions were popular ballot items. By 2016, everyone cringes at the memory of that nonsense. Those 8 years were damn good for the country.

If Biden can address elderly and disabled care with the same gusto as his original jobs proposal, he will become my favorite.

It’s already a miracle that he got infrastructure passed, so he’s a close second behind Obama imo. These two guys were and are willing to do the hard work of chipping away at the big ass spaghetti issues plaugeing this nation for decades.

All the presidents got full terms before ranking except biden.

Should you be willing to give him a full term so we can measure his achievements and errors equally along with the others.


the cult speaks

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He has a point. Let’s Go Brandon could get much worse or he may not make it a full term.

Not like he has been in DC forever doing nothing more than plagiarism, puppetry, and some family enrichment.