President bidens actions

the GOP has written the blueprints

president biden can declare states that dont have strict gun laws anarchist jurisdictions and cut off funding

he could declare an emergency and shift money away from rural areas into cities

he can sign bils passed by congress granting statehood to washington dc and puerto rico

he can issue executive orders cutting off states that ban abortion from federal funds

If anyone tries to protest he can threaten with arrest for sedition.

he could pull press credentials from right wing media outlets

he can have congress investigate trump officials

Dems have written the blueprints.

Get the heads of trusted intelligence agencies to illegally coordinate and collude to disrupt the sitting President.

Leak false accusations to the press, then use that as evidence to start a phony investigation but extend the scope to anything else you can find.

Lie to the judges and use false evidence to obtain FISA warrants to investigate at even deeper levels.

Only use lawyers of the opposing party, who have made political contributions and continuously leak fake news to the press.

Then take that fake news and use it as a basis to impeach the sitting President.

Erase all devices owned by the people of the United States that may expose this corruption.

Have the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee lie and say he has “undeniable proof” of wrong doing and then never provide squat just to stir division.

Harness the press as political weapons to make false accusations and continue to stir up division to levels never seen in the last century and do it 24/7/365 during the President’s entire term.

Hide evidence that exonerates and use the power of government to harass and financially bankrupt many of the trusted associates of the sitting President.


Onward march to the end of our Republic brought to you by both parties. Yay!


He could do all this, but there’s no reason to.

If Biden wins, it means that brand of political animosity has been rejected by the country and shouldn’t be repeated.

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It’s hilarious that anyone actually believes there will be a “president biden.”


I hope the leftist go for it. This list will be their demise.

I believe it will be done by him. Where has Biden shown any sort of moderation? He hasn’t.

Ya mean…her. :sunglasses:

The Burisma report is said to be released this week, before the debate. What kind of actions can we expect from Biden? :thinking:

No. It just means that the alternative brand of political animosity has been embraced. That’s where our politics are as a nation.

That evaluation diffuses responsibility for the current climate instead of pinning blame where it belongs. Donald Trump, specifically, owns the callous and bitter political animosity mentioned in the OP post.

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I’m not diffusing responsibility. The barn doors are open, and this is where we are going forward as a country.

And he can ship all manufacturing overseas. Wait, he already did that sorry.

Why you hate capitalism?!

Nothing. He will ignore it like he should. It is a stupid conspiracy theory that has been thoroughly debunked multiple times over.

How is sending American jobs overseas Capitalism?

More like an act of treason against the American people.

You really don’t get it. Following laws on the bloks vs not having unconstitutional laws. apples to cement ball

What emergency would Biden declare? Democrat run cities a failure?

Link to Trump calling protest sedition?

His AG has done just that…

I doubt that he will get Chris Wallace to ignore it during the debate. :slight_smile:

“What our investigations are uncovering, I think will reveal this is not somebody we should be electing president of the United States.” ~ Senator Johnson


Only Congress has the power of the purse. President Trump going around Congress to use the power of the purse to build his damn wall is unconstitutional. Link
If Biden becomes President, Republicans will go back to their previous stance that only Congress has the power of the purse.

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