Pregnant women are not committed to their employers

Larry elders believe this. According to him, employers have the right to ask when a woman plan to get pregnant. What a buffoon!

Many businesses run lean and mean. When a woman gets pregnant and leaves to give birth, can you fire them? Do you have to pay them while they’re out? If someone can easily replace them from with in the company while they’re giving birth, is the expense necessary? There’s two sides to this and a business asking a potential employee about their plans is completely understandable. Everything must work for both sides of the equation or, it doesn’t work at all and everyone loses?

And their “husbands” if the betas get their way. Six weeks of “paternity leave”.


People are cogs, and they shouldn’t complain if they are treated that way.

Just accept it.


Should we go back to the days when a woman had to resign if they got married?

We never had those days.

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What wrong with paternity leave?

Guess it takes all kinds.


Maybe they can just don’t hire women. They are the troublesome gender after all. Not worth it. Am I right?

Betas. Yes yes let the internet flow through you.


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The feminization of the American male is practically complete.

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You should be grateful and get off your lazy butt and make something of yourself. And if you are in the child bearing years prepare to take a pay cut or have trouble finding a position because “well what happens when you get pregnant”.

Like i said gross.

The rhetoric that is.

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Happy wife happy life.

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I should pay some guy for 6 weeks to sit on his ass at home to be a butler because his wife had a baby. :rofl:

I got an invitation, formal, to a “diaper party” a couple of years ago. From a male. For males.

How many idiots have been hurt or hurt someone else with these stupid “gender reveal” parties? Setting forest fires?

This is ridiculous.


Why do you care?

You are not part pf that “garbage society”

I am going to ahead and agree with you here as to diaper party and gender reveal parties. Ludicrous.

Your trash is stinking up my air.

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On a ranch? That far? Strange

And “paternity leave”. The woman had the baby, not the male.

Oh yeah, the stench of feminization carries even against the wind.

Are they giving maternity/paternity leave to homosexuals who adopt yet? Or to the masc of the couple if the fem gets pregnant?

If not it won’t be long.