Pregnant women are not committed to their employers

With paternity leave i up on the air. First of all you are not paying them, just like maternity leave, insurance company is. The premiums for the company i use are a pretty small part of my budget but i only pay for maternity leave. We don’t have paternity leave here yet.

Horse feathers.

No really in my state it’s an insurance carrier that pays them

I thought it was direct too until i opened my own bundle of desks

“Feminization”. Lol.


Texas doesn’t seem to have maternity leave but does have 12 weeks short term disability. Payroll companies and the like offer insurance programs for the salaries of those who utilize the 12 weeks. They are paid 66 percent of their salary.

Here’s another one; “We’re having a baby”

No “we’re” not. She is.

The male is not a birthingperson.

Who pays the “insurance”?

Who pays the “insurance”?

I just said i do, however the premium is nowhere near the total expense of a salary for those weeks/months.

I have to check the exact amount but i am prettt sure i paid less than 2 grand per year for a staff of about 18. All but two of whom are in their baby producing years.


If the company employes 50 or more people for 20 work weeks out of the year? No. In addition FMLA protected leave is 12 weeks. If the employees illness extends beyond that they can be terminated.

If a small business that does not meet that criteria? Yes.

No. FMLA is unpaid.

Other than that the employee must follow normal leave rules of the employer. That means they can take the time as unpaid or be paid using any accrued sick, personal, or vacation time that they would be eligible for anyway.

So in reality the FMLA protected leave will often be a mix of paid and unpaid depending on how much time the employee has banked.


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Are you seriously claiming an insurance company is losing money?

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God forbid a man change diaper or spend more quality time with his newborn.

Work is more important!!!

Eating is more important. Being able to buy the diapers is more important.

A man changes diapers on the weekends. Quality time after work and on weekends.

Quantity does not equal quality.

No. They are using actuarial math based on my staffs age number of children they already have decrease in likelihood of higher education professionals having more than one child etc etc etc

:rofl::+1:t4: Right on!

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You are welcome! I like learning too

I didn’t learn anything.

That sounds like a you a problem

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