Preferred Gender Pronouns from An Early Age

Just how many students or staff in the Commonwealth of Virginia consider themselves a sex other than what they were born to justify this legislation? How many kids in the single digit years are seriously going to understand why a boy named Jimmy is using the girls’ bathroom and calling himself Marcia? How is one to explain to a Kindergartner that a clearly male teacher wishes to be addressed as Ms.?

Treating human beings with equal dignity as human beings is one concept. But why are adaptations to mental states and descriptions that fit very few human beings being forced on the general population?

At some point, society is going to collapse upon itself regardless of which politicians are in power.


One would imagine bathrooms were like this with all the fuss made about transgender access:

However I have yet to experience encounters with male or transitioning people in women’s bathrooms or locker rooms.

Why is so much effort made towards legislation that seems to affect so few? It rather defies logic.

There are a few transgender kids at my kid’s elementary school. Its not unheard of.

How many kids in the single digit years are seriously going to understand why a boy named Jimmy is using the girls’ bathroom and calling himself Marcia?
Why do you assume that these kids would know that a girl named Marcia is biologically male?

Please map out from now to the point society collapses how that will happen because society starts recognizing and respecting transgender people?

It’s a generalized statement, but in regards to this issue all this policy accomplishes is confusing the hell out of kids.

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So your statement isn’t applicable at all to the OP?

It doesn’t confuse the hell out of kids.

We disagree.

Yes, we do. Have you heard any reports of confused kids?

A situation like this one, for starters. There will be many more to come.

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That’s the situation of a bad teacher. It has nothing to do with actual transgender kids, preferred pronouns, or the policies in the OPs link.

“transgender” people need psychotherapy

not dozens of imbecilic synthesized pronouns, definitions, and cultural tributes to their mental illnesses


You realize that mental health professionals for the most part agree that the best way to deal with gender dysphoria is to transition, right?

you realize that i didnt say anything about “transitioning” right?

You said they need psychotherapy. If they go for psychotherapy and its determined they have gender dysphoria they will suggest transitioning. Transitioning means new pronouns.

That sounds like a couple of parents trying to scam the state out of a million bucks.

male: he/his

female: her/she

fight me with science


quick note for yall

psychotherapists dont determine your gender

: )

sorry to rock your absurd world

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That’s not science, that’s language.

I don’t need to fight you. The majority of the mental health profession agrees with me.

What that really means is that there are a few kids at your kid’s elementary school who’s parents think that their kid is transgender.