Post-Trump's presidency (practical vs idealistic)


What criminal?


“Whataboutery” is a simple integrity test.
Why don’t you care?


Nope. Its a tu quoque fallacy that the soviets used to use. You wanna be a good comrade? Start a thread or stay on topic.



Hahahahaha… some learn a little Latin and then they try to quote it. “Tu quoque.” They get excited when they think they can quote it. It’s funny really.

But you see, referencing the past for comparison is a fallacy only if one uses such references of the past to discredit the original statement. Then it’s a tu quoque fallacy.

The original statement may even be true. But -now listen closely so that you don’t make the same mistake in the future- a hypocrite is still a hypocrite even if they make a true assertion today but failed to make a comparable assertion regarding the past event that is used as a reference.

Whataboutism is not trying to refute the statement…it’s just testing to see if the statement -true or not - is being made by someone with integrity.


I never said it was the same, whataboutery is a dodge to try to shift taking responsibility by saying what about this? This is an internet forum. Calm yer ass down.


They are still grieving from November 2016. I think they are only at the “resistance” stage. Their dream of a swamp creature for president died in 2016. They dreamed of a lawyer, a politician, an experienced slimeball or - OMG - a woman who is all three…ANYTHING but Trump! And the negative energy that is their response to the shock event that started in all has not peaked yet. It will go more negative next year.