Post-Trump's presidency (practical vs idealistic)

Nobody cares about your whataboutery

Do you have actual statistics or are you just guesstimating out of thin air? You know how many right wing terrorist incidents we have had since Trump’s presidency?

Dammit Jim, just one day I wish no trump supporters would bring up Hillary…just one day.

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They have to in order to still support der trumpengroper.

There needs to be a website out there that basically is a crowd-sources database of Trump supporters prior to ■■■■ truly hitting the fan so their errors get memorialized.

Not entirely true.

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ooooooh lindsay graham is concerned… yeah nobody cares. Start your own thread.

He furrowed his brow really hard…

I know you’re an anti Trump liberal, but that post sounds actually thought out and reasonable.

You’re gong to get it.

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Meh, the only thing I see that may be undone with any haste post Trump are the executive orders. Since Pence would be president if Trump leaves during this term, I don’t see that happening until at least 2020.

Legislatively, I could see Congress changing that tax code again at some point - but I wouldn’t think that would happen any time soon.

I suspect the most significant differences would be in foreign policy. A new president might actually have a consistent one.

We’re in uncharted territory. Why should his justices stay?

I don’t want to hear why justices have stayed. Why do these ones stay.

Criminality should be punished, not rewarded. If that’s primarily what his supporters want, then we take it from them, both because it’s what is right and to remind them that they are not allowed to piss on America.

They stay because they were voted on in the senate they weren’t just seated on the bench by Trump.
Are you saying that every Republican senator is a criminal. Where is your proof?
This is not uncharted territory. Clinton was impeached by the house but not by the senate and his SC judges are still there.
Your just mad that obamas last nominee didn’t get a vote. Well after deeming things past and bribes to vote for obamacare and I have a pen and a phone and changing the rules to get liberal judges seated you don’t have much room to whine about what McConnell did.
I would call using the IRS to target teaparty groups pissing on America. So, I will remind you that we are still here and we are still working to keep America free. You don’t hear us calling for using Putin like tactics get our way. No we get out and vote. Sometimes we win and sometimes we don’t.
And what i’m hearing for the left these days is crazy scary. You want to punish the right for what? For exercising their right to vote for the person they wanted to. How unamerican is that.
You want a one party country and want to silence the other side. You don’t want America, you want a dictatorship.
I have no hate for the left. I don’t agree with a lot of their policies. But I would never want to have a country where one party has total rule. One side is the check on the other side going to far. I would like to see a third party so we would have even more choices…

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Around here, they feel safe, because when the ■■■■ goes down, they’ve already decided to disappear and reappear elsewhere as salt of the earth, Never Trump conservatives.

I bet the OP thinks Russians changed votes.

Hey, did Hillary get the questions ahead of time?.. Yes, so that’s cheating…LMAO.

Not one example of Trump cheating. How do dems lie to themselves like this? Must take practice…lol!

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… then why the hell did you even go off on a tangent on another poster if you are this blatantly ignorant about the stats you are referring to. Did i say republican terrorist attacks? Your attempt to muddy the discussion is really pathetic and i wonder about you lately with this and your accelerationist crap thread a while ago…

We all do. Well, that and she is right.

You sound different today.

You cant even tell if its crazy or not if you dont even know the stats you lazily threw out while lambasting another poster then admit you are lambasting that poster based on stats you know nothing about… mmmkay. Kinda tells me you are just going to ***** and moan at any stats provided. Not to mention you completely changed my claim in an effort to create a strawman. You havnt heard of the recent synagogue attack? Havnt heard of this?

If only the rest of the left in the country was this sound and reasonable :clap:

What criminal?