Post-Trump's presidency (practical vs idealistic)

So let’s just ignore the people with their heads in the sand for a bit and all acknowledge that Trump clearly cheated to some degree to get elected. Let’s discuss what he’s done and what should be undone (if anything) both from a practical POV and from an idealistic POV.

Idealistically, everything he’s done and everyone he’s appointed should be wiped out and let go. Obviously that’s not happening because the alt-right has already threatened violence if they sense a coup and for some reason we are afraid of them(?).

But realistically what will be done and do you agree with it.

Some issues I see:

  1. Hillary’s association with Bill was a bigger liability than anything Trump did, so just because he cheated there’s no safe assurance that she would have won.
  2. Same above for the Comey letter.
  3. Just because Trump is illegitimate doesn’t mean some arbitrary Democrat/Republican should be appointed. But how far down does knowledge or complicity go in our chain of succession. If we hit Pelosi, the alt-right will again threaten violence.

I think realistically the only thing that should be wiped out are his judges. Gorsuch is already illegitimate due to McConnell and Kavanaugh is both morally unfit and unimpressive to conservatives anyway.

I think we should focus on the justices and nominate in a liberal to replace Gorsuch and a morally fit moderate conservative to replace Kavanaugh. The latter only for practical political reasons, not because it’s right.

If you think nothing Trump did should be undone, I’ll assume you believe he’s innocent of any electoral misconduct and will revisit your opinion when he is eventually proven guilty.

Realistically, I don’t think any of that will happen, whatever shenanigans and cheatery attended Trump’s election, and whatever insanity and toxic garbage attend his presidency. The most realistic scenario is that he gets voted out in 2020. I don’t think there’s any chance he wins the popular vote. I don’t see any judges being impeached or removed.

The main thing is to make sure that the GOP and the Right don’t pull some “Trump who? Yeah, he was a liberal. He’s got nothing to do with conservatives or Republicans. We never really supported him” ■■■■■■■■ in the future. They need to wear Trump like a flaming tire around their necks for years–all of them.


Should we advocate for some of his accomplishments to be undone? Ignoring practical reality for a moment. I do think, at least amongst us younger folk that he pulled some banana republic ■■■■ to push polices that in no way represent a large enough group of interests to be taken seriously.

The problem is that teump worshippers, aside from the ones o e this board of course, have zero morals or any sense of shame. So outright lying even in the face of irrefutable proof is not beyond them…

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Cheating to win the presidency is just how the game is played now. Yes, a few people will go to jail, but that’s worth it if you can get some judges and tax cuts.

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Hillary would have literally turned the United States into Venezuela, so a little white-color victimless crime to prevent that is heroic.

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Bumped for truth

Meanwhile Trump’s opponent was being fed debate questions from CNN. Meanwhile his opponent was paying a foreign spy to prepare an unsupported dossier, mislabeled to the FEC as “legal expenses”…and then somehow it winds up with Comey who can’t remember how he got it.

Please, Trump was elected because that is how the election went. Nobody made anybody vote some way they didn’t want, nor because of a few thousand dollars of Russian money out of the over a billion spent.

Dream on.
Let the coup plans continue.

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If you take the money from a bank robbery, you can’t pretend you are better than the bank robber.

It doesn’t matter that there were crimes… you can’t prove that those crimes changed anything so they are meaningless.

Trump has not been charged and certainly not found guilty of anything so at least wait till that happens. If other people have broken laws, that is on them.

There are a lot of people around him who have been charged… a worrying number of people and from what it looks like there is going to be a worrying amount of people more.

And he isn’t going to be indicted as long as he is President. So that argument falls really flat.

At some point the off ramp that takes the road back to reality will be more desirable than continuing to drive on the crazy town.

I hope you take that exit sooner rather than later.

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Bill Clinton who?

What a bunch of hogwash. You think Trump just installed SC judges on his own. No they were voted in by senators elected by their voters in their states.
I get it you wanted to turn the court so far left that every pipe dream you could think of would be forced on the people. Didn’t happen, voters on the right knew what was at stake more than 6 years ago and they got out and made sure their senator was going to vote right.
I can’t believe that you can say with a straight face well we will just get rid of these two judges and appoint a leftist judge to fill a set held by a rightwing judge, than we’ll fill another right leaning judges seat with a more moderate liberal. Talk out cheating. What you are proposing is far worse than cheating.
Talk about a banana republic what your talking about is what a dictator would do. When Nixion resigined the left was not so far gone that they believed just because he was gone they could just wipe away every judge he had installed. That they could undo every bill he purposed.
And who says only your interest are the important ones. By what your saying no minority should have anything passed that they feel is important because they aren’t a large enough group. What the heck do they teach you in school. Well I don’t like the results of this election so we will just have a do over and I’ll rig it to turn out the way I want.
Grown up live in the real world where you don’t always get a trophy.

You don’t get rewarded for propping up a criminal.

There is no Bill Clinton who? For ■■■■■■ sake, his wife ran for president two years (and 10 years ago) with him in tow. You talking about the guy who rocked the house at the 2012 Democratic convention? Dumb comparison. I’ll tell you what: If Donald Trump, with his good genes and good brain, speaks at the 2024 GOP convention, I’ll eat my ■■■■■ hat.

Unlike Republicans, who burn their uniforms, disown their ■■■■■■ presidents, and rebrand themselves, Democrats generally accept their president’s legacies, for better and worse. But after 20 years, and two presidential runs, it’s safe to say: Clinton World, such as it was, is done.


Yes, many did accept that it was for the worst and claim it was all twenty years ago and now is different. They loved Bill in 2012 at their convention and again in 2016. Those that renounced his actions did so after it was clear they could use the sex angle against Trump but Bill was a thorn in their side.

Hypocrisy is a two way street and our albatross isn’t in power. Yours is.

I love you because you’re so pessimistic.

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And yet for the last two years the left has been non-stop claiming that Trump is “Guilty of collusion with Russia”, even though not one charge has been announced against the president. While previously the left looked the other way while Hillary was pounding cellphones with hammers and running a private server out of her toilet sending classified emails and the DNC and leftist media colluding against Sanders.