Positions politically from the "other side" that you are most sympathetic to

Clearly we all tend to stand one way or the other politically. Nonetheless, unless one is a hard-core ideologue there must be positions where you view the other side as having valid points or even being a better way to deal with certain issues.

For me the primary one is healthcare. As someone who has had my share of frustration with private insurance along with looking at the ridiculous charges on EOB’s, I can understand the logic of having a different system in which government having a larger role makes sense. Also, one cannot forget the Republicans utter failure in their promise to replace the ACA.

PS - I’m not now looking for a discussion on healthcare or any other specific topic, rather just positions in which you find yourself on the “other side” from where you typically lean politically.

Endangered animals aren’t important enough to halt construction projects. There’s no reason to stop building things for humans just because some dumb owl made a nest there first.

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Death penalty springs to mind, I don’t trust government enough to give them the power to kill people, which last I checked is irreversible in the event incompetent government made an error.

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I normally lean left but I am pro 2A and anti-illegal immigration.

  1. Healthcare. The way we’re doing it now is an abomination. I am loathe to involve the government deeper, though. Government steals and is not accountable. The answer will probably come from reddit and not “experts”. And far, far too many government agencies and spending in public health.

  2. Public assistance - for the truly needy who are making an effort. Not as a way of life.

  3. Cost of secondary education. And especially housing to attend. Based on cognitive ability, not identity group. In state universities. If a young person is smart, they should get help, not trapped by their SES. And they shouldn’t have $100k of debt coming out. For medical people, engineers and maybe legal, they can do two years of public service and pay for a 4 year degree. You want to go to Harvard? No public assistance.

  4. Immigration - DACA needs to be settled now and the entire system redone so that it is fair, clear and simple. It should not take years to immigrate to this country for clean, sponsored people.

  5. Military industrial spending - this near peer constant threat hamster wheel driven by “need to project power” needs to go. We spend far too much on “defense”.

  6. The injustice system. What a goat rope. I’m at the point of just throwing a grenade in that room instead of a flash bang. The judiciary is out of control, we lock people up for years for things they should spend a day in stocks in the town square at most. Weed - legal and if there is a single person still locked up for nothing but weed free them immediately - possession or distribution. A 10 moratorium on hiring Ivy League law graduates in government. Age limits on judges. Ah… just burn it down and start over from scratch.

Just off the top of my head.


Nothing wrong with that. What’s your #1 left lean?

Good topic.

Maybe those aren’t the only two options.

Also agree nobody in the US should be hungry or without shelter, do not agree with the lefts proposed solutions though.

As long as they do their part and work within the system of assistance, I agree. They don’t get to “keep it real”.

A good good chunk of people want free food and housing but do not want any strings attached. I am willing to provide the free food and housing but you can forget the no strings bit.


Anyone ever seen the sheer amount of perfectly edible food crops that must legally be destroyed every year?

I see no reason why anyone should go a single day without having the option of meat on their plate in this country.


I am not sure I have one. I am left on most social issues and I like progressive taxation, though I also believe the government is involved in funding many things they shouldn’t.

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You want or need food and housing assistance, fine, but it should come with rules, no drink, no drugs, no nicotine, no junk food, get an education, breaking the rules should result in jail time.

Fair answer. I disagree. A flat tax is fair. And the tax burden is progressive, even if the percentage is not.

I agree about involvement. It is probably over 50% now.

Stop with the jail dude. Jail doesn’t change behavior for the better.

What they did to the meat industry last year was criminal.


So, give them free food and housing and allow them to use their own money on drugs, cigarettes and booze, no sale.

No, just don’t give them free food and housing if they abuse it.

Locking people up for that kind of thing achieves nothing.

Oh, and guess what they get when you lock them up…