Pompeo: We expect N.Korea to take major denuclearisation steps "within the next two years"

A ticking clock! Just a reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaal slow one.

So I guess the Norks get enough time to perfect miniaturisation, if there was anything for them left to perfect.

It gets better

What would be a reasonable time for “denuclearizing” a peninsula?


CVID = complete verifiable irreversible denuclearisation.

What be a reasonable time-frame to start?

Keep the sanction on until they denuke.

No exceptions.

That I agree with.

The N.Koreans are claiming that Trump agreed to lift them beforehand though, so we shall see.

It’s insulting to ask for details?

They need to allow IAEA in and witness the destruction and removal of their entire nuclear program.

The way that statement is worded, the actual START of the steps to de-nuclearization might not take place for two years.

We really need to wait up to two years to have things START to happen?

Like they did in Iran?

Pompeo can’t even unequivocally say the Norks agreed to independent verification or not.

And we know what their word is worth here anyway.

As this Tweet says that there is no longer a nuclear threat from NK, I assume all of that country’s nuclear infrastructure, material, missiles, etc. were strapped on to Trump’s plane when he left Singapore.


And then pay them a bunch of money and use resources to guarantee their security… all the while giving them access to western finance without addressing any humanitarian issues within the country.

Almost sounds familiar.

efficient. did not even take the time to golf.

This is really the Trump strategy for everything. Just say something is fixed and it is. Economy was terrible(not true)? Look I’m proclaiming it great. I fixed it. VA a mess? Nope, I just fixed it. It’s fixed because I say it is. Our military has been destroyed? Nope, it’s all good now. I fixed it. Our nuclear arsenal needs to be modernized? It’s all good now. I told them to modernize it. I fixed it. North Korea is a completely untrustworthy nation that has nuclear weapons that threaten the region and potentially the US? Nope. Not anymore. I fixed it. There is no threat because I’m telling you there’s no threat.

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Actually, that’s really fast…

To take steps, cratic.

What is really fast? We don’t even know what we’re talking about.

Denuking NK… please try to keep up