Politicians protecting their own

If the average worker loses his or her job for some reason, and their credit rating is impacted because they can’t withstand two months of non-work - they are on their own.

If it happens to a government worker…they must be protected. (Maxine Waters is promoting this.

I think this is outside the realm of what politicians should be doing. Pass a law to prevent shut downs or work together to prevent them, don’t try to take the “sting” out of the shutdown itself…

Considering how often government shutdowns have been occurring the last few years, it actually makes sense to me. People aren’t going to want to work for the government if their credit ratings are going to be gutted every time the Republicans decide to throw a temper tantrum.


But that’s the whole thing. The people who can’t work together don’t feel the sting. It’s the peons who get screwed over because some guy wants his name on a wall by Mexico.

You mean it will reduce the number of government workers? And we should be against that, why?



Because despite the fantasy on the right that these aren’t real jobs and that we could operate just fine without a federal workforce, in the vast number of cases they are very important to services and such working properly.

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Yet the country has never melted down during any of the shutdowns.

They want you to believe that. Good boy/girl/shir
… or whatever.

If they were all essential the country would have melted down during every shutdown.

Well maybe if Democrats did their damned job shut downs wouldn’t be necessary! Currently Congress is doing squat & just collecting a paycheck because of the seditious resistance of the Dem majority in the HOR of a duly elected POTUS.

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Lol. Dems and libs… so evil, and they hate America too! Trump and the Republicans, they’re just really nice people who never do anything wrong.

When Obama was duly elected was the Republican refusal to work with him also seditious?

Yeah its weird that we’re able to not meltdown during shutdowns since hundreds of thousands of federal employees have to keep working during shutdowns. You are aware of that right? That shutdowns still have hundreds of thousands of federal employees working to make sure the country can still operate.