Police State America

This is the part that’s weird to me. Some not all of the same posters who tried to rationalize Chauvin murdering someone are the same ones clamoring about a police state.

At this point, it’s all just comedy to me.

Watching posters here demand that the Federal Government descend on this sleepy, deep-red rural town to sentence the police chief to death will give you an aneurysm trying to approach it from a rational position.

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Yep especially since it’s the same people who cry about the feds stepping in and charging under 18 usc 242 when the state refuses to charge the cops criminally

Where are all the cries about the car forfeiture scandal in Memphis?……

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Not all cases are the same case. Weird that you two think this blatant case of killing this old woman is funny or indicates that people being shocked by it should have the same outrage over your selective cases.

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No not all cases are the same case. Never said they were.

Where did i laugh or say that it was funny or that the cops should not be charged under that statute for theee acts. I disagreed with @TheDoctorIsIn.

That being said your side has decried the use of the statute on plenty of occasions of clear abuse of police power under the color of law.

Gang smash-and-grabs, whole-cart shoplifting are surging all across America. Employees stand buy and watch as shoplifters load multiple televisions and beer cases into their cars.

. . . and some people say america’s problems is we have to many cops over-reacting.

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I define fascism as a tyranny based on the merger of state and corporate power. Basically party members are the CEO’s of all large corps. All judges are party members also…

How do you define fascism?

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Well when it happened in German and Italy it was about government controlling industry “for the benefit of the workers”

Gov’t seized banks, rn public radio and public TV stations, ran entire industries like auto etc. and built lots and built lots and lots of public works projects. (Like in Germany with the socialist workers party allying with the Soviet Communists to fight against the capitalist countries.)

I am not sure what this has to do with the thread though.

Like infrastructure?

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Another major ■■■■■ up. Good thing the Helicopter was filming. What time are the mostly peaceful riots gonna start?

I’ve seen that, was thinking of starting a thread on it.


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Nothing will happen to them.


They pinky swore she had tactical gear on


The film shows lots of shots taken at the vehicle while it was in motion in the field before it came to a stop. You then see more bullet strikes near her when she is outside of the vehicle. She got out of the passenger side of the vehicle, her dad was still in the drivers seat, probably already shot. It doesn’t look clean.

how about police officer from Tallahassee who planted evidence.


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Ever tried to restrain a guy who was going through epilepsy attack?

I and another guy had too in grocery store back during covid pandemic.

It wasn’t easy, we didn’t want to hurt him or let him hurt himself while talking him down until paramedic arrive.

I was surprised the strength he had.

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It’s probably because the mussels tense up

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I am opposed to shell fish of all types tensing up.