Police State America

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - we have a policing problem in this country. It’s not racism, so we need to stop pretending it is.

They don’t care what race you are.



A 19 year-old girl killed for getting drunk. A 26 year-old man murdered crawling in a motel hallway.

You think it couldn’t have happened in this “raid”? You think it couldn’t happen to you?

While we need to be honest about the numbers, it doesn’t really matter “how many per year”.

Here is what really matters, every minute of every day in this country rights are being violated. “Department policy” is overriding the Constitution. “City ordinances” used as an excuse to fish and create.

Here’s the real kicker - every single police contact has the potential for the citizen to be killed. Every single one. And 99.99999% of the time, it will be “justified” or “legal”.

Every time they bust into a home and start ordering people around. Every time one of us doesn’t follow a directive, it’s an “officer safety” crime.

“Officer safety” is not an excuse for violating rights. Officers have no more right to safety than I do.

“Get your hands out of your pockets!”

“How about you get your ■■■■■■■ hand off your pistol and snap your holster? Then we can discuss my hands.”

They don’t respect us. Yet they demand obedience. And the law privileges them.

It was mostly police, lately it’s been sheriff’s deputies and I’m very disappointed in that.

This needs to stop. We need a new movement: Citizens’ Rights Matter. We need to come together and demand change. Not just in the police, in the law and the courts.

In Texas, a police can legally disarm me. I mean physically put his hands on me and take my weapon, whether I have committed a crime or not - for officer safety. He can legally take it apart and throw the pieces on the ground if he wants to. And he doesn’t even have to give it back.

Police everywhere can handcuff people (kids) and sit them out on the curb in front of their neighbors while they “conduct their investigation”. They aren’t conducting any investigation, they are looking for any excuse to run someone in.

You can go to jail for failure to ID in a country with no ID requirement. Think about that for a minute.

And any attempt to stand up for yourself is grounds for arrest. The slightest perception of resisting arrest is grounds for execution in the streets. Failure to follow a directive can get you shot down. And they will get away with it.

How did we get to this point?

A lot of it has to do with the stupid “war on drugs”. A lot of it is our expectation that they prevent crime and “keep us safe”. Something they simply cannot do. We have surrendered our rights to a special and privileged class. They aren’t a warrior class, I’m not sure what they are. Petty tyrants run by pols maybe?

What right do they have to go into a home and start ordering the people who live there around? What right do they have to scare the ■■■■ out of children in their own home? When did we agree that there was a crime so heinous that it merits shooting someone in the back putting his keys in a lock of his own home?

What drug dealer is so bad that we accept shooting a woman in her own bed?

They aren’t doing these things in self defense - they are the aggressors. You don’t get to claim self-defense when you start the ■■■■ .

They aren’t doing these things as a result of an “investigation.”

What right does a cop have to disarm me when I can’t disarm him?

Why did we create an entire class of people, arm them and give them all this power backed up with privilege?

It’s time for a change. No more of this “we don’t have cameras.” I don’t care if we have to pay for them all with federal taxes. And if you can’t provide the video, we’re going to give the benefit of the doubt to the citizen, in every single case. He is innocent until proven guilty, not the cop. And Mr. Cop, we don’t believe you anymore.

Criminal history has no bearing on this incident except in a very few cases and Mr. Cop is not qualified to determine that. I don’t care if he is out on parole for murder, he is innocent of this crime until proven guilty in a court and you aren’t a judge or jury.

No more “reasonable suspicion”. Probable cause or move along. Don’t care if it takes another Amendment. Why? You’ve proven yourself incapable of reason Mr. Cop.

Change your tone or find a new career. No more screaming, no more cursing, no more blind obedience.

Class on the Constitution.

A signed document that indicates that your ■■■■■■■ department policy does not supersede my rights.

Any pol, including city council member, who passes an ordinance or law that violates Constitutional rights is fired. Not recalled, not impeached, not voted out - fired. They swore an oath.

Build some cop prisons. And some judge prisons. Violate rights - go to prison. Make them work and the proceeds go to restitution.

It’s time to end this special class.


As a prison abolitionist, I prefer other consequences, but otherwise: bravo.

And here’s another ■■■■■■■ thing: If you are so stupid that you believe smoking a joint is going end the free world, you are a ■■■■■■■ idiot, a Karen or Cannabis Connie and too stupid to vote.

Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it should be illegal.


I’m fine with caning and removal from public office for life.

We’ll probably never agree about harming the body, but I can get all the way behind remedies with bans on office seeking, etc. All officers and officials should be subject to recall.

Hell, I already prefer lottery offices.

PREACH. Really good OP.

I’ve always been confused why this doesn’t fire conservatives up more. Checks all the boxes. On issues like this, we depend on conservative principles. It’s where they’re needed most.

If the government is going to kill you, you can bet your ass it will be a police officer who does it.

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I forgot: A public apology broadcast in the internet and left there forever.

These arrogant ■■■■■■■■■■■ don’t even have the common courtesy to apologize when they know they’re wrong.

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Get pulled over for speeding again Sneaky?


You can mock all you want to, doesn’t change the truth.

What do you mean?

The police are wilding these days. It’s not cool. They weren’t even like this in the 90s and crime was like genuinely out of control then.

It’s all that Homeland Security money. Bet.


I hate to say it, but to some degree, I think it’s the Call of Duty affect.

I thought about quoting the whole wall just to say “yup…” just to tweak yer whiskers, but decided against it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Soooo… yup.


Stellar post!

Fully agree 100%.

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Wow Sneaky

You had to dig DEEP for this shooting didn’t you

On January 18, 2016,

A lot has changed in nearly 5 years.

No it hasn’t.

They do what we let them get away with.

That first article may be the worst, most biased piece of garbage I ever read.

I have a problem with how the cops handled that for sure but Shaver is dead because he kept reaching behind his back as if to draw a weapon despite repeated warnings not do do so.

Sure it has. Most people just don’t know the changes or see them or hear about them.

And like I said, you had to dig deep and go back 5 years.

No it hasn’t.

This was this week