Police Officer Accidentally Discharges Gun At High School

“Chief Tyler said a report will be referred to the Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office once they complete their investigation. The weapon was the officer’s off-duty sidearm, which he was legally licensed to carry. The wrestling meet was not a Fowlerville district event, but instead one organized by a third party.”

They’ll figure out how the police officer made a mistake. Good thing he didn’t shoot his foot I guess.

And on a side note, I like this 2nd forum. At first I thought it was a bad idea and would get lost. Now I realize that it’s a convenient place to track all these incidents.

The officer is standing in a high school gym watching a wrestling meet and accidently fires his gun into the floor?

That’s weird.

Excellent police training.

Also, put down the mints!

Maybe the officer thought it was the perfect time to have a Freshmaker moment.

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I can’t read it.

It wants money.

That cop should not be a cop.

Well look at the guy, he looks like a guy who would steal candy. And do terrorism. ■■■■■■ probably has a black beret in his pocket.

Get your cash and leave? You let a candy thief walk? Is that what we pay you for?

“My apologies” makes it like it never happened. I wonder if I could get away with that.

Thank goodness it was only Mentos and not a king-size Snickers bar.

There is no way that cop was just standing there watching wrestling and the gun went off.

These are the people I’m supposed to submit to?

Does the thought of ordinary citizens running around carrying firearms concern you? Because they’re required to have absolutely zero training.

  1. No
  2. Not true in every case. That is only true in Constitutional carry states.
  3. As we can see, training is no guarantee of performance. In these two cases it was obviously counterproductive.

Want to bet the Mentos cop is ex-military? SWAT?

Really? I was unaware that some states require firearms training as a pre-requisite to ownership.

Is some training better than none?

Ah, ownership. Not so much. I was referring to bearing.

No, bad training is not better than none.

Police Officer accidently discharges a gun.


Rather have an undefended school?

You might want to rethink that one.

Why? Would you rather have an accidental discharge once in a blue moon(from a policeman) or leave schools wide open for crazy mass shooters?

Who should we get to defend the schools from the police?

No need for any.

That’s probably the only gun shot in the history of that school.

you know what’s crazy? we had 732 kids (aged 0-11) killed or injured by guns last year. who the heck is shooting kids 0-11??

673 in 2016
696 in 2015
609 in 2014

and when you look at kids aged 12-17 the number for last year jumps to 3,232.