Police fired after shooting man in back. Man was in wheelchair and had a knife

There is a video. It’s disturbing to watch.

To me it looked at an execution. Yes he had a knife. But he was in an electric wheelchair moving away from the cop. Sloooow moving wheelchair. This cop needs to be charged.

It was murder. I’ll be surprised if he is not charged.

I’m sure someone will here to defend the cop…

Oh he’s going to be charged. There was no one in immediate threat of harm. There is no way this old man could have went toe to toe against the officer if he had followed escalation of force rules.
The man had a knife. I suspect the officer had an expanding wand, pepper spray and a taser and was behind the man. He did not make any attempt to use less than lethal force even though there was no imminent threat to the officer or anyone else when he fired.

Added: There was a second officer on scene when he fired. The old man was outnumbered by to fit, trained law enforcement officers.


White people need to burn down cities, burn police cars and loot stores.

Aka, do what they’ve been doing since the founding of this country?

Actually when officer fired his weapon about 11:45 angle from officers position was a young woman. See Lowe’s security camera.

White lives matter…

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They absolutely do.

Nobody sane has declared otherwise.

The cop had so many other options to de-escalate this.

He needs to go to prison.

That security camera footage just makes it worse for him. She is a good 20 feet away from the old man, near the officer’s line of fire. She is not on the line of travel of the wheel chair. It just makes the decision to shoot even more questionable.

To me, the position of the woman put her in potential line of fire if he had missed.

Need to point out that this is yet another case of someone disobeying police orders after an initial confrontation. (And for the record, the initial confrontation was because the guy shoplifted merchandise. When the cop asked for a receipt, he pulled the knife and said, “Here is my receipt.”)

Not saying this justifies the cop’s choice of force. Not at all.

I will say that force (of some sort) was necessary. He defied a reasonable police order and was heading to the store with a weapon. That had to be stopped. Maybe a taser shot. Or, given the “slow-speed chase” in an electric wheelchair, a billy club jammed into the spokes of the wheelchair would have stopped the vehicle. And if the guy was truly unable to walk, that would have been the end of it.

I would NOT say that a physical overpowering of the guy by the cop (or two, or more) would have been prudent. Yes, they would have succeeded, but one or more could have been badly slashed/stabbed with the knife in the process.

I could almost understand ONE shot from the service revolver. I wouldn’t have endorsed that, but I could understand it. But 9 shots? No sir. And the cop’s last shot had a pause before it. To me, that one seemed calculated and deliberate, and not adrenaline-driven (if he chooses to take that argument to explain why he used so many shots.)

Is there a video of this?

It’s in the linked article in the OP.

So we can agree then on this same basis of sanity, BLM is insane? Niiiiice. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

There was no danger to anyone…period. If the officer felt threatened in anyway or he believed the man in the wheelchair was a threat to those in the store, flip the wheelchair on it’s side. Done!

What if the guy had a suicide vest on? Would it have been OK to use lethal force to stop him … even in his wheel chair?

And risk setting off the vest? Dude was in a wheelchair…