Police draw guns on black teens and detain them - For the crime of being assaulted while black

Just when you think the police could not outdo themselves in stupidity.

They outdo themselves.

A homeless man was assaulting two black teens with a knife. The teens defend themselves with their skateboards.

The cops arrive and (drum roll):

point guns at and detain the black teens.


The gathered crowd tried to explain that the teens were the victims, but they were black which evidently equates in those cops minds as guilty.

If the teens had been white, it is pretty much a given that police would have approached with weapons in their holsters and taken statements from the teens and bystanders and set out about searching for the homeless man.

Abolish qualified immunity.


I bet there is lot more t this story…the teens were probably beating up homeless people.

Why does the report talk about a viral video they didn’t show? Or is the viral video just showing them being detained with no footage of what happened prior?

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Well, sherif in the video said they detained the suspects matching the description in the complaint. So I don’t see how that is evidence they arrested the wrong people until shown otherwise.

If you roll up and see a couple kids hitting someone with a skateboard, or get a report that the kids were the aggressors, what are you going to think?

The police see what they see when they arrive, they don’t see what happened before. To hold them responsible for reacting to what they don’t actually witness is wrong.


You have to click a link within the story and yes, it only shows what happened after the officers arrived.

But the officers persisted even after being told by bystanders that the teens were not in any way the aggressors.

The news may be reporting on this, but the average American is far more concerned with this:

His name was Cannon Hinnant


My baby didn’t do nuffin’.

They have to make sure to their satisfaction what actually happened. They aren’t just going to lower their guns because someone screams it at them from the sidelines.

They don’t want to talk about that. We know why.

People should really stop rushing to judgment without all of the facts.

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So sick of this cherry picked race baiting garbage by the media.

If the teens had been white, it is pretty much a given that there would never have been a story made about this.


Remember, there is no systemic, or inherent racism in America…it is only a few bad apples.


Are you under the impression that the Santa Clarita PD has a policy of drawing guns on one race?

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Ridiculous. You’re jumping the gun.

Please, cops are often surrounded by mobs saying the perps didn’t do it in some neighborhoods.

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No different that the car that was improperly tagged by a license plate scanner as being stolen and a black family was pulled out of the car felony stop style and proned and cuffed on the asphalt.

Even though the car wasn’t the right make or model or brand. The cops refused to release them even after other cops told them they were wrong.

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Indeed. Blue privilege.

The lady who called the police tried to tell them, but they refused to listen.