Police draw guns on black teens and detain them - For the crime of being assaulted while black

And one person called and said they were the aggressors.

When they show up who is getting beaten and who is doing the beating?

Know way too many cops IRL to believe that it has nothing to do with race. It’s rather amusing how many off duty cops will outright admit to being racist if they think they’re in front of a sympathetic white crowd.

Imagine how much we’d be hearing about this if races were reversed

There would’ve been a thread made about it here I’ll bet. :man_shrugging:

There was solid agreement over the George Floyd murder among so many people throughout the political spectrum, unlike any I had seen before. What did the left do? Made threads like these just sound like angry mobs with no direction just a week later. The left monumentally dropped the ball on this one. We were so close to police reform. :man_facepalming:

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Start a thread. Try and focus in this one.

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Was seems to be the operative word.

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Yep, way to go libs.

Yeah they’re definitely the ones who went back to being police groupies.


No, they’re just the ones who screwed everything up, again.


I was thinking more like outside of this forum; wouldn’t there be non-stop media coverage and widespread outrage ?

Maybe they weren’t wearing masks

Same thing, different scale. lol

Yeah it’s almost like all those people were just bull ■■■■■■■■ because it seemed like the majority was going that way. You remember that Dave Chappelle bit? “Honey, it says here in the paper that police have been beating up Negros like hot cakes, who knew?”

Showing other examples of the racial disparity in policing isn’t a good reason to change your mind. In fact it’s possibly the worst reason.


Libs dropped the ball when they started their latest bigot crusade. Every time y’all do that, you lose more and more credibility.


It was a stolen motorcycle. A ■■■■■■■ motorcycle. Pulled over an SUV.


It is part of the system. One could also describe it as inherent.
It does not have to be in writing.

Not going to comment until the entire situation is verified.

I’ve jumped the gun before and had to eat crow over it.

Yes…I am familiar with this horrible incident. Was it race related in any way?

Does it have to be in writing?