Pocahontas releases her DNA results

Ah, and she entered those details did she?

This is why she won’t be a very good candidate for President…ever.

Pelosi and Feinstein are crafty. Pocahontas is blundering and inept.

They are pushing her to be the speed bump for Trumps 2020 win.

BTW…Where is the thread for President Trump’s rhetorical evisceration of Ms. Stahl on 60 minutes last night. He ate her lunch and then some…

Yup, I keenly await the Hannity regulars approach to teeing off against a nobel prize winning geneticist.


That’s weak though, since she never claimed to herself be native American. The better angle would be the relative lack of native DNA to compare to.

I never understood the fuss about Warren’s claims of indigenous heritage.

www.imdb.com Turner, Tina

Ms. Turner’s autobiography “I, Tina” lists her heritage as African, Navajo & Cherokee. An Ancestry DNA showed her to have 1% indigenous heritage as well as 33% European. Does that mean Tina Turner lacks integrity?

I don’t think so. She, like Elizabeth Warren, was probably going by family stories passed through generations.

I don’t even accept that Ms. Warren needed to use her heritage to help her get ahead at Harvard. Women of all ethnicities are “benefitted” by Affirmative Action.

What claims did she make.

This is the problem you people are going to run into.

Warren’s central offense dates back to the mid 1980s, when she first formally notified law school administrators that her family tree includes Native Americans. Warren said she grew up with family stories about both grandparents on her mother’s side having some Cherokee or Delaware blood.

That genealogical claim has zero documentary evidence to back it up, according to a PolitiFact review of news and newsletter databases back to 1986.

Before this controversy arose in 2012, there is no account that Warren spoke publicly of having Native American roots, although she called herself Cherokee in a local Oklahoma cookbook in 1984.

There is no dispute that Warren formally notified officials at the University of Pennsylvania and then Harvard claiming Native American heritage after she was hired.

We’re dealing with Birthers and Tea Party fakes. This won’t even phase them.

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According to the Globe it would appear she did, I haven’t done any further research on the subject myself.

So she didn’t claim it to get any job, nor to get into college?

And now there is geneological proof to back it up.

Is that what all of this has been about then?

My guess is Rush and Sean issue apologies. That’d be honorable.

You’re joking, right? Either you’re joking or your TDS has reached the point of incurable. Not sure which exactly.

A group of scientists now offers a public warning that these ancestry tests have little scientific backing, and are often so unreliable and inaccurate that they amount to “genetic astrology.”

Though advertisements for some ancestry testing companies give the impression that your unique DNA genealogy can tell you a specific story about your ancestry, the scientists say that the same history you get could be given to thousands of other people with a similar ethnic background, and that any number of different possible interpretations could come from your DNA results from the Sense About Science campaign group that “you cannot look at DNA and read it like a book or a map of a journey” without supporting historical evidence.

Your DNA contains an enormous amount of genetic information, but most of the information that can be gleaned from it is about the genetic history of whole population - not of individual family trees.

DNA is an assortment of genetic sequences that have been inherited from many different ancestors. You double your number of ancestors with every generation, because everyone has two parents. Going back only ten generations (between 200 and 300 years) in your genealogy, you have 1024 ancestors.

Going back far enough, each of us has more ancestors than we have sections of DNA - which means that there are many ancestors from whom we have inherited no DNA, and that ultimately there will be many sequences of DNA that most people share.

Junk science.

Bet Leslie Stahl has as much Native American in her lineage. She really smacked President Trump last night…LOL.


Genetics isn’t junk science, but yes many of the ancestry tests can be misleading or inaccurate.

Warren didn’t send off a sample to Ancestry.com or some regular ancestry test though, did she.

Not at all. She was awful and Trump was confident, open, and respectful…Even as she tried gotcha question after gotcha question. Trump has heard them all and batted each one away.

You’re right about the scientists being trashed now.

He refused to definitively answer any tough question. He was evasive, engaged in double talk, and again refused to admit Russia’s attack on our election. He blasted his own SecDef. A man who is honorable and respected. Your TDS is showing man.

Okay but she does have Native American Blood. How much do you need to call yourself a Native American?

according to the article she’s between 3% and .2% Native American.


Is it the one drop rule?



So the Rs call for a warren DNA test. She takes one and post the results.

The Results are not what the Rs expect so they trash DNA science. LOL

Very funny.