Pocahontas campaign headquarters broken into

I don’t need an explanation. It’s an ethnic slur. I thought I’d explain that to you.

Donald has all the best slurs.

She brought every bit of this on herself. If the media found out that Ted Cruz had written “African American” down as his on his Texas bar it would haunt him the rest of his life, she doesn’t get a pass.

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he might actually be more african than she is indian


You’re right. He puts himself down as non-hispanic white.

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Only libs are allowed to break social norm.

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break social norm!?

more like lie their asses off hard pretending to be a minority to gain advantage

and sometimes just outright paint themselves black


This “soviet style” talking point is incredibly stupid. Now I’m debating if it’s worse than calling warren Pocahontas all the time. But the combination…

The ethnic slur thing is all he would have on her.

I would actually love to see Trump debate Buttigieg on the topic of religion. That would be epic.

Yeah, in the same way stolen valor goes over huge with the military.

Am I alone in not having any clue what the thrust of this op is?

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You mean Rafael ?

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A reason to say Pocahontas


This has followed her for a long long time back in the day’s of Scott Brown she was condemned by the Cherokee Nation, committed a cardinal leftist sin “Cultural Appreciation”. What was it “Pow Wow Chow”.

I think it’s hilarious that the left just elected PM blackface in Canada and about to elect a lady who thinks she is a Cherokee Indian, no one made her do the DNA tests it’s all on her, and my opinion if she is the nominee it will be relentless.

I know funny isn’t it they seems to see a word and say a word.

If Ted Cruz had lied and claimed to be African American, would that make it ok to call him the n-word?

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Pocahontas = N word?

Nice try.

But ethnic slurs seems to be embraced by Trump’s base. A number of Native American organizations have asked that this nickname not be used, but their concerns have been ignored.

Warren learned of her Native American heritage from stories told to her by her grandmother. As a child she did not act like a good conservative and fact check everything her grandmother told her. Obviously a reason to pull out all the stops in insulting her. I certainly hope all the people insulting Warren are teaching their children that grandmothers are unreliable sources of family lore.


Nope it’s just a Warren slur. A well deserved one. She of the 1/1050th native american heritage.