Pocahontas campaign headquarters broken into

Pocahontas presidential campaign headquarters in Manchester was broken into last night.

Andrew Taverrite, Pocahontas communications director says there is no reason to believe it was targeted for political purpose…yeah right. You expect us to believe those lies?

We all know Trump is behind it.

Oh…I guess it will help posting a link.

Matt Gaetz just looking for a date and got the wrong address from Grindr


You guys now have something serious to go after Trump with.

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Funny how libs are going to ignore this real crime while continue down the road on this fake impeachment…Soviet style.

What exactly would you expect us to say about this crime? Warren’s office along with several others were broken into. And?


Ah, I see the problem here. Drudge tinkered with imaginations today.

Big text headline. One paragraph story. You get to fill the slowish news day on this one.


Lol. If only people would actually read the links they post.


This may very well be an uprising of the Powhatan Confederacy!

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I once read a 20 page conspiracy about a ~ drudge left in a bottom column too long.


I’d expect this type of thing to only get worse and the ship continued to sink.

SECRET Soviet Style!

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There is enough Trump threads daily to choose from. A thread about our first possible American Indian President is a welcome change.

I’m giving em a real scandal, a real crime and they’re still complaining. :wink:

What is scandalous about it? Someone broke into her office. It happens every year with campaign offices…very seldom does it amount to anything other than petty break ins.

I’m just wondering if she will allow FBI to investigate.

Was any wampum stolen?

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This ethnic slur thing should go over huge if she wins the nomination.

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Well, we know one person who’ll use it since he was the first.

That is one reason I would love to see her get the nomination. It would be interesting to see how she would respond to Trump if he called her that to her face. Also, as of now I think she would beat him by a landslide.

Yeah I don’t see that kind of immature behavior going over well with independents.