Please Don't Vote For Trump

I’d vote for Trump before I’d ever consider voting for any of those DNC types who give scum a bad name.


You would prefer I called them baby killers? Or how about far Left wackos for whom nothing of the old far Left remains that’s extreme to them anymore (it’s why an old Useful Idiot like Sanders no longer has to pretend to not be a Democrat)? Or how about those who circle the wagons when it’s them but only need the seriousness of the charges when it’s not? There’s so much more.

All those years of not caring, who are you people on the Left to even pretend? What have you got that isn’t explained by the seriousness of the charges? Only now instead of secret flights to Paris on an SR-71 it’s Russians.

Of course the Democrats colluded plenty for decades, Russians to ChiComs who got a decent amount of play for their pay … but that’s an accusation that doesn’t matter because it’s against the wrong bunch.

This is as absurd as the “10 year” climate change warning, the whack a doodle pendulum swings far left to far right.

Not surprising at all. Americans love a con man.

Gosh, a leftist “some guy said” story.

Actual elected dems say we’ll be dead in 12 years according to their kooky eco religion. These people couldn’t build a train in the super high tax, one party led state of Cal. How many would die if the got their wish to end fossil fuel usage and run the economy?.

If you don’t think that can happen see Venezuela and the early 20th century of mass death under socialist ideologues…

Ignore their ■■■■■

This is all they have now. “Trump acolyte…”, “Trump lover…”

I had a very long go-round with the libs here about what they mean when they ask if someone supports Trump. They tried to take me to task for not knowing the meaning of “support”.

What they really mean here is that if you don’t hate Trump with the toxicity they hold for him, you are his lover and minion and you endorse ■■■■■ grabbing and all the other crap they want to pile on you.

They have nothing else but to apply their own venom for Trump to you and me and anyone else who disagrees with them.

And THAT is the first sign of their derangement.

Now watch the lib dogpile cluster here to bury this truth in their smears.


You were here for the Obama years…right?

One seems to have an uncontrollable urge to punch. Therapy could help.

Are you kidding me?


“many people are saying…”

Venom is produced to cause harm to another. What is the harm they intend to cause us?

These libs are too hard on the ■■■■■ grabbing, wife cheating, fraudulant university owner, porn star payoff liar, junior high tweet girl King.


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Meh. I’m voting for him anyway.

How did Florida do with their high speed rail plans?

Trump was voted Pro Life Person of the Year by Operation Rescue. So, it seems Bakker was correct.

Jim Bakker is just talking. None of that is happening.
signed…Christian who is not voting for Trump.

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Like it took Kreskin to see that one coming… :roll_eyes:

This end time pastor is no more a nut job then the new green deal nut jobs since both predict the end of time and the death of humans. The whacko pendulum swings both ways.