Philosophical of human evolution and how viruses play large part in this evolution

First off I want to say this might be political, it might be philosophy and science all wrapped into one conversation.

Our planet is trying to kill us, we either adopt, use science and technology to fight against it but end of each day our planet is attempting to kill us.

Part of this fight are viruses…it’s battle we as species been fighting since life started on this planet.

We as species has earned our right to live here through thousands of years of evolution and adopting to changing environment.

So how do we adopt to that changing environment…the very planet that is trying to kill us?

I’ll leave this discussion open to see where it will take us. Lets be civil, lets have this philosophical discussion.

Somewhat sadden me that there is no takers.

I’ll leave you all with this. Year is 2842…man touches down on distant planet that has life…it my not have intelligent life but primitive life no less.

The moment we touch down that planet will attempt to kill us.

We’re doing a pretty good job of wiping out species too.

If we land on another planet we’ll start doing it there too.

We’re like rats and cockroaches.

That’s providing the viruses there don’t try to kill us first.

Either way at some point pioneers will have to adopt, build up their immune system to new planet environment.

Or are you claiming that we are viruses?

We will survive and adapt.

The viruses will survive and adapt.

It is a never ending natural arms race.

And yes, viruses are believed to play a major role in evolution.

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Natural order of things. Can’t fight it…all we can do is lesson the impact.

If viruses or other types of illnesses don’t take out a huge chunk of a species numbers overpopulation will occur and through overpopulation the planet will eventually not be able to support those numbers.

The planet isn’t trying to kill us.

We didn’t “earn” our right to be here.

Your framing isn’t right.

Oh really…so you don’t believe in evolution now?

Man had taken thousands of years building up to tolerance of what earth throws at us.

Lets say in year 4054…the planet that we seeded back in 2842…and their decedents returns back to earth. They won’t have tolerance built up with new virus and other disease that we had adopted too.

Now instead of saying my framing isn’t right…why don’t you explain why it isn’t? Or is that to complicated for you to understand…let alone explain yourself?

And yes…through evolution man did earn out right to exist her on earth.

Funny how libs believe in evolution but when rubber hits the mat…they run from it. So much for evolution don’t you think?

Of course I accept evolution.

Your framing of it is wrong.

There’s no “earning”…there’s no intent or purpose.

Viruses aren’t “trying to kill us”…viruses are simply following the biochemical processes that are the end all be all of their “life cycle”.

The planet isn’t “trying to kill us”…the environment is changing or evolving, and we will either change or evolve with it or we won’t be here.

You’re adding value judgements into the discussion where none are either needed or appropriate.

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Mankind could be taken out in a number of ways.

A nearby supernova could irradiate the Earth in gamma radiation. We could experience an volcanice event similar to the Deccan Trappes or Siberian Traps. The Sun could experience a major event while the Earth’s magnetic poles are in the process of reversing.

There are numerous other scenarios for wiping mankind out.

If we don’t evolve we go extinct do we not? If we don’t build up tolerance to certain viruses and other disease we go extinct. It taken us millions of years. Other sub species die off just due to environment and diseases all the time.

Seems to me you’re not practicing what you preach.

I don’t see that the planet is trying to kill us. What I see is mass communication means that we know about new diseases immediately even when the occur on the other side of the world. Jet travel means that the diseases can travel all over within a matter of hours.

Plagues of one kind or another go back to ancient times, but transportation and communication were very slow and large portions of the world were effectively cut off from each other.

If man leaves for 80 thousand years and come back…what’s the chance of them surviving?

Yes but we don’t “earn” it nor are all the other creatures on earth “out to get us”.

It’s a thing that happens.

Your statement “practice what you preach” is a non sequitur.

I think that is a distinction that needs to be made. Neither the planet nor nature is trying to kill off mankind as a species.

Other than man, few animals have the capacity to even form a desire for the eradication of man.

Very few animals will deliberately prey on man. Tigers, lions, polar bears and a few others view man as food. Other creatures, such as Great Whites don’t deliberately prey on man but will take a human opportunistically. Animals will kill to protect their young. But very few sentient animals are after man.

NON-sentient life forms, such as viruses, just float around until they contact a suitable host cell. They don’t know whether they have landed on a human, elephant or shrew. :smile:

Viruses act by pure chance.

We don’t need to be too much in a hurry to leave. We have about a good 500 million years before the Earth’s biosphere begins to seriously degrade under increased solar radiation as the Earth approaches the inner border of the habitable zone.

Our planet is trying to kill us from moment we are born…if it weren’t for modern medicine lot of us wouldn’t be here today.

Virus that use to kill man 200 thousand years ago don’t effect us today…we built up immunity from it.

And as earths rotation starts slowing as moon moves farther and farther away…and days and nights become longer. :wink: