Philly DA Warns Feds Could be Arrested if they Interfere

You owe me three minutes of my life back.

I am guessing you are going o tell me how i should be reading between the lines or something

I cited it…now what is your response when proof of encouragement has been provided?

And then they kicked his ass.

They should believe Philly when they say these things. Philly’s PD plays by its own rules.

Oh…did you hear the mayor condemn those for destroying the parts of the city they’re in or did he condone it? It’s one or the other? Did he condemn these violent protestors?

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Instant gratification much? Jebus

Even when given proof, you choose to look the other way and deny the truth. Why is that?


I am not going to cite dictionary definitions of the words encourage. I addressed a specific point that libs are allegedly encouraging the burning down of businesses. He is sure as hell pandering to them. That’s a far cry from what you are accusing him of though

Because again you are telling me to read between the lines as I said you are going to do.

Please send my three minutes to Staten Island New York thank you!

The mayor said, “I came to listen…here’s the microphone”. Now you tell me, you’re tearing up the city that he is mayor over and he doesn’t condemn these violent protestors in any way. In fact, he states he’s against the forces attempting to control this violence and then says, “I came here to listen. Here’s the mike”. Now tell me, did he not encourage them? Oh…and don’t forget the lib mantre…silence is violence…so talk to me Goose.

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I think it’s adorable you think feds and local cops get along.

Weak strawman.

They still do it out here even though weed has been legal here for 3 or 4 years now.

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Yes engaging in dialogue is the same as encouraging them. You guys

The mayor was standing there, addressing the mob, as they were attacking a federal building and he said NOTHING! Why are you being obtuse about this?

I am not being obtuse. Because he didn’t say it in those three minutes doesn’t mean he was encouraging them to burn down federal buildings. I completely understand why you are saying. I am not agreeing with you

Then you are choosing to be in denial of the truth and usually, you are more honestly logical than that.

Who enacted the curfew in Portland and why?

Dude you are confusing dialogue with encouragement in a three minute video. As @hwyflier correctly pointed out the mayour also did things to try to stop the violence. i.e. curfew