Philly DA Warns Feds Could be Arrested if they Interfere

Philadelphia DA warns federal officers they could be arrested if they bring their tactics to his city. Sounds interesting. I wonder who he expects to make the arrest? Does he think the Police department will follow his orders and start placing federal officers under arrest? I really cant see that happening. Maybe he will arrest them himself… He could walk up to them in the middle of pandemonium, and just declare, “Under the powers of Philadelphia, I am now placing you under arrest.” Do you think they will just stand down and get up against a wall for him to pat them down? I wonder if he has a squad car available to put all of them in or if they are all burned up. I would really like this da to carry out his threat. There could be a youtube video on it by “Audit the Audit”

Yeah I don’t see that happening

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Small government conservatives clapping at federal forces being used to quell local violence is precious beyond all measure


General Welfare and Commerce Clauses.

What is really precious is watching the libs encourage these looters and then tell the citizens of the community that was just destroyed that they are on their side. I wonder how long it will be before business come back to these burned down communities. Way to go. Support more of this.


“Encourage”. Cite it.

Mhmm. That’s even better.

Learned it well. Montana rifles. Philly thugs. It’s all good.

Weed growers. Etc. I for one welcome this newfound love for the welfare clause.

We also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. I wonder who said that. I wonder what mayor in Chicago was out encouraging on her rioters. I also cant remember the Mayor in NY who was out there paining with them. All this stuff escapes me


Baltimore. Not Chicago. 5 years ago.

Bad cite

He wasn’t rioting with them. I can’t wait until he is out of office.

Absolutely. They already send feds after weed growers.

Yeah that was a1990s decision i think weed in washington.

They do it now.

I don’t think you’re quite framing this problem accurately. Federal forces are now being used because local forces have been ineffective in quelling the burning of buildings, the looting of stores, the rampant crime and violence that is taking place in many Democrat governed cities. If local forces are unable to cope with the violence and destruction but political leaders do not ask for help, is it then your position that these places should just be ignored by the feds? Is this your position?

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You’re talking to a lib.

What do you expect? :man_shrugging:

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This is mayor Ted Wheeler of Portand…and it has been under seige for almost 2 months by violent protestors. Now…listen up and he’ll “cite it”. Oh…and this is a day or two old.

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Whether they are capable is not the question.

Your rationalization is duly noted.


…as is your irrationalization.

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