PermaDrooling: The Official Unofficial Trial of Paul Manafort Thread

Folks talked about having a dedicated trial thread in the “Paulie Manafort’s Bad Day” thread, but I didn’t see one anywhere. If there is one already, I’ll see about killing this one.

At any rate, I’ll start it off with CNN’s update page for realtime Manafort trial news. I’m sure there are other similar pages that would be useful and encourage folks to add their favorite sources.

We have about 3 or 4 weeks of this ahead of us, so best hunker down for a bumpy ride that’ll last the better part of a month, if not more.

H/T to @PeterGriffin for providing the spirit for the title of the thread.

I replied first. I win.

Works by me. I think we can close up the thread, now.


Just…squeeze him till the c o l l u s I o n…just oozes out of his pores and then…impeach 45.

Yes, so exciting. How Manafort filled out his loan applications illegally…Already thrown out in 2005. … Hahahahaha. Trump’s right Capone was treated better and he killed people.

It’s a sad time in America. Torturing a political prisoner.

Thanks for the deflection. I appreciate the skill shown in this post

Anything to say about Manafort’s trial?

How is Manafort being tortured?

If someone made a maxine doll that said “impeach 45”, I think it could be a valuable collectors item someday.

You already know…

Hasn’t read the indictment(s).

Anything to say about the trial?

No I don’t. I am genuinely intrigued about what you consider torture

Manafort’s own lawyer said he was being kept in solitary confinement for his own safety.

I’m guessing they are afraid he may get a polonium or novichok ■■■■■■■■■

Oh, please… Do remind me…LOL!

Political show.

He shouldn’t even be in jail, obviously…

Guess who declined to prosecute Manafort for this way back then? Wait for it…wait for it…Rosenstein.

If you gave a ■■■■ about the truth, I wouldn’t have to.

No new charges?

Wow. What changed his mind?