Pentagon UFO Chief Says Alien Mothership in Our Solar System Possible

You can almost see the Full-Disclosure over the horizon. :rofl:

On the one hand, it’s mathematically unlikely that the universe isn’t teeming with all stages of life.

On the other, we’re running out of bull ■■■■ threats to combat.

Some say that if/when the government comes clean, it’s because they’re desperately trying to make sure that knowledge somehow survives whatever is coming. :wink:


I’m of the opinion IF another life form visited earth and being of a higher intellect would sample a few days of this ■■■■ show and leave saying “no thanks, they’re so not ready”. :rofl:

Guessing a scandal that puts Democrats in a bad light is about to break.


Aliens ride by earth and lock their doors and windows. We are the Detroit of the galaxy.


Y’all wish. :rofl:

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It’s election season, and ALL the stops are coming out this year. :wink:




New (future) NYT headline.

"Aliens demanding no one, votes for Trump. Or else!"


when the alien invaders from the Mexican border just aren’t enough…

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Not to say that what he says is not entirely true, but personally I don’t trust anybody who’s job depends on the possibility that what they say is true to actually be telling the truth.

Comedian James Gregory says there are no UFO’s and makes a compelling case.

He said "If there were UFO’s we would have given them some Foreign Aid by now". :wink:

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It boggles my mind how people demand outright proof that God exists because they claim there is no proof, yet people believe in little green men living on other planets with absolutely zero proof.

Oh good lord. I have more respect for flat earthers than I do for people that believe anyone is visiting us from trillions of miles away. It’s not doable.

Weird. We have the technology right this minute to put a craft in orbit around Proxima Centauri in less than 15 years. :thinking:

Weird, there’s a triggered little fundamentalist running around throwing fits over multiple threads after getting his holy ass whipped for being a triggered little fundamentalist. :thinking:

We have crafts that can travel at roughly 46,000 miles per second? I was unaware of that.

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Yes, and no they’re not currently in use. :money_with_wings: :wink: :money_with_wings:

ETA: Apologies, you said craft, whereas I said the technology.

The tic tac UFO’s are extremely “fast” (I say it’s a warp drive of sorts), but I don’t know what their relativistic speeds would be with respect to interstellar travel. Other than them, I’m not aware of any crafts currently in use that are [potentially] suitable for interstellar travel.

I just know that the technology exists in multiple ways to reach 50%+ the speed of light. The cost/logistics of applying it is a different conversation that I used to enjoy having around here when the Bar was still open.