Pentagon halts plans to build extra 20 miles of border wall, citing insufficient funds

Just wait till next fiscal year… There
Is not going to be any funds to reprogram…

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There is no money shortage! Our Corpulent Commander in Chief has taken billions and billions from the MILITARY rebuilding money to pay for his “big beautiful wall”.

Not only that our Corpulent Commander in Chief has assured us that we are flush with more than $60 billion in cash that has already poured in from China in the China Trade Wars?

There can’t be any money shortages!



It’s the best economy ever,America is great again so there shouldn’t be a problem,especially whilst Mexico is paying for it.


So true!

I just don’t understand why the FAKE NEWS reporting?

There ought to be a law!!!

Slash those interest rates more!

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Yay, more rapists and murderers.


Way to go PELOSI! You own this!

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Build the wall.

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But China is forking over billions of dollars from the great and easy tariffs, what happened?


It turns out the president can’t just decide where to spend money and the pentagon is going to follow the rules.

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If building a “wall” prevented rapes why are there still rapes being committed?

There are billions of walls all over the nation and rapes keep happening?

How can Speaker Nancy Pelosi “own this” when our Corpulent Commander in Chief has had $$$Billions of Taxpayer monies at his disposal since taking office and he has not built a single inch of his “big beautiful wall” he promised an untold number of times and equally promised that Mexico would pay for?

Once more idiotic reasoning from some folks on the Right pretends that Republicans are somehow guiltless in any of the ongoing immigration crisis, especially in the Obese Donald created chaos at the border.

GOD love the pretenders! Cause I sure don’t!



It has always been an expensive plaque holder for a narcissistic sociopath.


The Wall is such a dumb simplistic campaign slogan, aimed squarely at Donna’s marks.


Yeah. He has already had his brand mounted to the bollard style “Rolls Royce” of fence that GW Bush built and that Barack Obama built.


He does love to steal credit for others valor and or creations.


Will Trump own these events after his Wall is built?


Open borders…hurraaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

Build the entire wall, and then we can blame any rapes committed by illegal aliens on trump all day long.

Knock yourself out.

“No one wants open borders.”

Remember when they used to say that? Kind of like “no one is gonna take away guns”.

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Which “they” have said they want open borders?

I have never said that.

When they get called out on it…they deny…all while impeding every effort being made, to stop illegal immigration.

Drones and sensors are gonna stop it all.