Pelosi warns GOP: Next president could declare national emergency on guns

Please, let President Trump (well, it’s really President Coulter isn’t it?) declare a national emergency because he was too lazy to get anything done about a wall (for two years when he had complete power) and now that Ds have the House.

We’re right here at the verge of Dems taking back the Presidency and the Senate. This precedent will allow democrats to act on many things that they’ve only dreamed of to this point.


She right. Hell, even Republican Michael Steele said something similar.

I think they should wake up that sleeping giant.

and climate change as well.


Yes cos the older generation complete with their walking frames and incontinence meds that make up the majorty of Hannity and Rushs audience will rise up. And lets not forget the keyboard commandos on sites like this.

But yes once Trump declares a national emergency on the border he sets a precdent that will empower future presidents to lower the bar on what constitutes a national emergencie which all joking apart is concerning.

Thats my biggest problem with Trump, his administration full of blatant corruption and nepotism makes it easier for future presidents to act the same.


who knew that Donald Trump would actually be the dude who busted through the ceiling that then allows the younger generations to address guns in this country (after all of us are dead and gone).

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What sleeping giant? Crusty old folks that watch the CEC? LOL!


Since when has Donald Trump cared about the future?

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That’s the real danger here. If congress and the courts allow one president to go rogue and bypass the checks and balances the constitution set forth for a wall, future presidents can use that strategy for literally anything.

I don’t want to live in a nation where one person has that much power.


Sound like she works for Putin or Chinese!

Trump is trying to protect America and the people and they resist, sounds like some politicians work for Putin.

The sad part is you believe Trump is trying to protect America.


I thought facts mattered?

Me too…obviously you proved me wrong on that.


Trump gets he’s facts from the source, where are the Democrats getting theirs?

■■■■■■■■■ People that resist the president willy nilly using executive powers to bypass the constitutional checks and balances on the separate branches place the constitution above the president’s actions.

The fact that a sitting president is even considering such action should scare the hell out of anyone who values the principles this nation was founded upon.

How is protecting America a Constitutional crisis ?

No he doesn’t.

Sorry, but facts matter and the Democrats are ignoring them, only the enemy of the people would stop President Trump from protecting our country.

It’s the way he is supposedly “protecting America.” He is considering issuing a “national emergency” to bypass the constitutional directive that all spending appropriation must originate with Congress. It is clearly a move that goes directly against that portion of the constitution.

Congress and the courts have to act if he takes this action so that the constitutional process is to be upheld. This needs to be nipped in the bud so it never happens again.