Pelosi Wants No Presidential Debates,Nancy Pelosi advocates for Joe Biden to not debate Trump

Well things are getting spicy.
Pelosi while chocking trying to say these things on camera is advocating for Joe Biden not to Trump while stating that.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Politico that she doesn’t think Joe Biden should agree to debate President Trump.
Said Pelosi: “I don’t think there should be any debates… I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him, nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States.”



A debate would completely distroy the Democratic Party and she knows it!

Probably has something to do with Trumps crazy requests for drug tests


I definitely hope they do debates. If one of these guys is going to be in charge of the free world in 2021, debates are super important.


I said all along they would never let Hidin Biden debate Trump. It would be devastating for the dems.

Our lib friends all reassured us he would debate however. :roll_eyes:


His campaign says so in their statement so that’s not changing.

Wasn’t there a thread where the LIBS were claiming it was Trump who was afraid to debate? Biden had agreed to three and Trump hadn’t agreed yet? :thinking:

Now Pelosi doesn’t want the kid sniffer to speak. Why not Nancy?

There’s no way the DNC can make Biden appear to be lucid in a live debate like they did with his acceptance speech.

Sure was. Our local libs kept bloviating that Biden had already agreed to the debates, but Trump had not.

Come on y’all. You know this is a trick, right? That Pelosi is okey-doking Trump here?


Biden agreed to debate. Trump is now trying to set a drug test requirement for debates :confused:

You can’t do retakes in a live debate plus he would face some real questions (which he can’t coherently answer) for the 1st time in the campaign.

It isn’t and never was going to happen.

They sure did. We aren’t supposed to remember that though. :wink:

It’s a lot harder to hide the props and wires holding him up, plus no one to mouth his lines for him. Perhaps the Dems will suggest an online debate… Only heads and upper body shown…


I agree with her, but it’s probably best Biden debates. It’s going to be tough debating someone who creates their own reality.

Pelosi said something! Oh dear!

Hopefully our Trump supporting friends here will keep us updated when the Biden campaign says they don’t want to participate in debates. :slight_smile:

So easy to see.

Biden confirms he will debate President Trump.

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