Pelosi to Biden

Keep on showing that you only care about women that say republicans touched them.
This is probably going to sink Biden.
What I find curious is Pelosi feeling like she needs to defend him and tell him how to act around woman.
Is he the only one thinks will be able to beat Trump? Looks like it to me.

Did the part about Al Franken just fly over your head ?

No. Itā€™s not.


Depends on what definition you are usingā€¦definitely sexual harassment. But i could make a case for assault.

Nope, not sexual harassment either.

Yeah it is.

I take it back the 2020 democratic primary might be fun to watch this time around.

No, itā€™s still not sexual harassment. Sexual harassment requires the element of sex.

Both women who have come forward have made it clear that Biden did nothing sexual towards them.

You are wrong.

It does not need an element of sexā€¦just unwanted advances

Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individualā€™s employment, unreasonably interferes with an individualā€™s work performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive work environment."

Until there is more informationā€¦ I donā€™t think that the women are accusing him of sexual harassment and from what we publicly know about Biden it seems unlikely that his behavior was done with that in mind.

Where he is failing right now is not taking the issue head on, unequivocally apologizing for his actions and explaining that it did not come from an intent to harass but from the way that he has shown warmth through his life and he is saddened that he misunderstood some situations and can understand how the power imbalance can lead to someone being uncomfortable

But he didnā€™t do thatā€¦ so ā– ā– ā– ā–  him. He is digging his own grave.

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He grabbed a woman by the neck. Leaned in and rubbed noses with her, shecdid not want this. Sexual harassment.

But your examples all have to do with sex - sexual advances, favors or other conduct of a sexual natureā€¦

I donā€™t love random people touching me, but I donā€™t consider a hug sexual, even if unwanted.

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Lol you have no moral high ground here to say anything about the dems

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How many of you have ever been charged with sexual harassment, how many of you have had to investigate it? Investigate a co-worker and follow the letter of the law?

I have many timesā€¦its harassment. I fired a guy for leering at a female coworkerā€¦and it held up legally.

If it makes you uncomfortable, its harassment.

You talking to me plasma?

This post makes me uncomfortableā€¦

No not you

Is it sexual harassment (Iā€™ll take your word for it as it applies in the workplace) or just harassment though, out in the world and not at work? And is it considered as such at work (of course depending on the action) if it happens once? Say a woman hugs her male co-worker. He feels uncomfortable, reports it. Is the woman immediately fired, or is a warning given for such an incident?

Previously I thought Biden would be a great choice for the Democrats; however, as more and more of these stories emerge he is becoming a liability for the Democrats. Biden needs to remove himself from consideration for the nomination. He only has himself to blame because he chose to act in this way.

There are plenty of great candidates that will be able to stand up to scrutiny and if Biden became the nominee his actions would be a distraction and a great weapon for Trump. We all know that Trump excels in bullying others and being able to effectively use the failings of others to insult them while at the same time oblivious to his own.

Someone like Pete Buttigieg would be a much better choice for the Democrats than Biden.