Pelosi to Biden

I can believe that the left who such big supporters of woman are not condemning dirty old man Biden. If what some woman are saying is true the left should be demonizing Biden. Calling him a rapist and a pervert.
But no we have Pelosi the big #meto supporter defending Biden and telling him to pretend he has a cold around woman.
As old as he is shouldn’t he know to keep his hands to himself?


Hey, this is the era of ■■■■■ grabbing Trump. Anything short of that is fair game.


This thread is another example of how stupid the level of “discussion” is around here.

I don’t know if Biden has treated women in an inappropriate manner in the past, but what I do know is that nobody wants to be lectured about it by unapologetic Trump sycophants.


If only the Republican party had demonized the ■■■■■ grabbing Donald J Trump in 2016 and sent him packing back to Trump Tower, I’d likely still be among their ranks.

Instead, they nominated him for president.

By gum you’re right! I’m a Trumpist now.

Why not you all have lectured the right for over two years about how they are evil and much more because of something Trump said.
But now you have a couple of woman who say Biden touched them and you have nothing to say? What happened we have a thread here on how the Dem’s are the champion’s of woman because they want to pass some feel good bill.
You only get outraged when it’s a republican that touch’s a woman and she didn’t want to be touched?

Walk right up and grab them on the shoulders!

Hmmm… just doesn’t have the same ring to it…


Are we back to ignoring over a dozen women accusing Trump of doing more than “just words”?

The mission here is to dumb down the conversation so much that nothing matters. A race to call hypocrisy no matter what.

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Democrats have low standards!

When I see beautiful I just rub noses, and they let you!


I can’t believe I’m saying this in a forum supposedly full of adults, but if a bunch of guys go jumping off of a cliff, does that mean we should follow suit?

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And yet those standards are still higher than the standards of Trump supporters.

I was not the ones calling Kavanaugh a rapist. Heck you still call him a racist and there was never any evidence that anything happened.
I reminder being told that we were suppose to believe a woman even though she had no evidence.
I don’t see post after post calling out Biden for touching woman when they didn’t want to be touched.
Remember if a woman does not want to be touched than the man is a pervert and all woman should be believed.

Democrats are held to a higher standard than Republicans. That’s why what Biden has done is totally unacceptable and he needs to go away to never be seen again, and why Donald Trump can do whatever he wants and nobody cares as long as it’s not technically illegal. I’m sorry, but that’s just how it is. Republicans have the Evangelical vote locked down.


Did Joe Biden say “I moved on her like a bitch. I wanted to ■■■■ her, she was married.”

Did Joe Biden pound a porn star while his new wife was home with his newborn son?

Did Joe Biden run all over town adulterating with some side piece, for the paparazzi, while his first wife was home with his three little children?

He didn’t?

Then I’m still ok with Joe Biden.


Republicans get lectured because they spent decades crowing about family values and these core principles they supposedly had, only to toss them away the moment a vile troll named Donald Trump came to power. They showed their true colors and will continue to be reminded of the decisions they have made.

Biden and Trump are basically the same on the creep factor.

I don’t see the left being held to a higher standard. I don’t even see them condemning Biden. Because you know touching a woman that does not want to be touched is so much better than saying you could touch a woman.

Plenty of rank and file Democrats are saying Biden needs to go away. I’m not sure about the talking heads, because I don’t watch/listen to those shows. The rabid Democrat in my office who I talk to was livid this morning about Biden though.

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