Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller’s Report


Completely untrue. Loads of material has been proven from the collection of memorandums that make up the dossier. I’m beginning to wonder if you’ve even read the Dossier.


Yeah sure. Your deflection to other administrations is nothing, right?

Of course resorting to childish broad brushing is your usual MO when losing a debate.

Yay! I win.


Yes. It was proven that there was a Moscow in Russia. It was proven that Trump once went there.
Of course some things are proven.
Just every salacious tidbit and everything that could be considered a crime of conspiracy was unproven.
You don’t build a fake political dossier based on lies without using a backdrop of truth.
Trump once went to Russia? Proven.
Cohen went to Prague to meet Russians? Lies.

See the difference?


The massive attack on our election by Russia was proven well before it was confirmed and proven by our IC, and then publicly reported on. I notice you always conveniently forget that reality.


Of course she is. She has never been prosecuted. Are you willing to admit the whole Star report has not been released.


You never answered my question, did those Russians that Mueller busted for interfering in the election help Steele write the dossier?


What? My post had absolutely nothing to do with what Russia did, it was about the fake dossier paid for by the DNC. But I see you conveniently always forget about that.
That’s on the Russians.
Now, we have just spent millions of dollars, created warehouses of documents, interviewed 500 people and no collusion as alleged in the dossier was found as a result.
There is an old saying “the proof is in the pudding”.


The dossier is not fake. It called out the attacks on our election, designed to help Trump and hurt Clinton, well before the IC confirmed this reality and made their public pronouncements. None of that is fake.


And now, after just saying for months he would agree with the results of the Mueller investigation, he is saying that they missed all the truth that was in the dossier about collusion.


Huh? Who is saying that?


Didnt the house vote 429-0 to make the report public?


You. You are saying the dossier isn’t fake. If what it says is true, there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Mueller report says there was no collusion. Either you concede the dossier was fake or you allege the Mueller report was fake.
I personally have an opinion on how most liberal Dems will go with that choice.
They have too much of their emotions tied up with the fake dossier.


There was no “massive attack on our election.”


Well thats true. I missed that. There were some tweets and a few thousand paid to Facebook, though.


Mean girls on facebook. Amazing.


Oh Doug, you and your binary thinking. :rofl:

It’s not an either/or proposition.

The dossier is a collection of HUMINT. I know that’s hard for you to comprehend. Steele himself said he believes the information in his memos to be around 75% accurate at best. A ton of what he reported was corroborated and proven true. Especially the Russian attacks to help Trump and hurt Clinton. Much of the dossier has proven accurate.

That means it’s not a “fake dossier” like you want people to believe. You really haven’t read the memos, have you?


No it isn’t.


Uh huh. The GOP-led SIC disagrees.


Yep. That’s all it was, right? :rofl:


So what?