Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller’s Report


It wasn’t all released in fact there is stuff on Hillary not released.


Oops. I get it now, I took it too literally.


Yeah, if I have to explain it, I did it wrong.


Unusual all right.

You can prove none of what you are saying.


You just KNOW she is guilty!


So now the Dems want Mueller in hearings on the hill :rofl: :rofl:

Let the backlash begin!


You got it. They pretend to support Trump because most of their base supports Trump. Little Rubio and Lyin Ted can’t have forgotten that easily.


^The final verdict on the dossier.


The full report or as close to it should be released…

It turns out that Trump is not a traitorous scum bag…just a regular scum bag


I trust Mueller. He did a thorough investigation. He was never going to be a deciding factor in whether or not I think Trump is a scumbag.


The exoneration is from Barr who is trump’s boot licker, which is why we need to see the full report.


btw, can someone tell me which republican media person, during the obama administration, claimed to be the biggest fiscal conservative? was it Rush?


How many posts did you have blasting Holder and Lynch for being in Obama’s pocket? Only in Republican administrations should the AG be antagonistic to the President.


Glad there was no collusion.

True to form, though the first tweet after the summary was released was a lie.

The report still need to be released to the public. We deserve to see it. We paid for it.


Funny watching the republicans jump for joy on the conclusion of this report but wanted more investigations into benghazi


Usual lib response…fold, call names, because you’re heading down a road where you know you’re wrong.


So are you saying what I said is not true?


Within weeks we went from Mueller is a traitor operating a deep state witch hunt then he was afraid to release the report
Now the report seems to favour Trump it is completely accepted by the same people who said the investigation was corrupt.These very same people who would never have accepted the report if it found anything implicating the President and would continue to slur Mueller.

The hypocrisy is incredible.


I’m just skipping to what you know. Are you saying Clinton is not guilty?


Evangelicals accepted the words and actions of Donald Trump. That’s pretty much proof that many republicans can flip flop on anything.