Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement On Special Counsel Mueller’s Report


Lol k. So lets make a new bet. Give us a timeline. Or give us a statement of what you’ll do when you realize you’re wrong again.


Agreed. I actually remembered “the most transparent administration in history.”


Trump is such a juggernaut he lost the house. Although, he is a juggernaut in the sense that he can explode deficits and cheat on his wife and lie about it, and “conservatives” will still have his back. 5th avenue


Is Trump the only President that has happened to?


Incorrecto, mundo…I stand behind what I stated so…what administration did you pick to apply this to? One where all those who could be prosecuted for criminal behavior are dead. Let me repeat myself since you didn’t catch on…if the statute of limitations has not expired and the person in question is still alive, they should be prosecuted by the same law they broke…period.


I’m sorry but I’m not into partial truths. I like the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s how I roll.


I’ll give you two reasons; 1. Jeff Sessions 2. Rod Rosenstein


You literally posted drip…drip…drip… for months. You were promoting some weird ass, half baked q anon stuff. That’s how you roll.


Horror? Are you kidding?


Where do you get that?


It is if all politicians were, are and will be treated the same as Trump but…they haven’t, aren’t and won’t so…I’m angry until “we” are all treated the same way.




Jeff’s been gone for ages now and Rosenstein is leaving in a few weeks - so you are saying we should expect the unredacted FISA warrant any day now?


What was the special prosecutor’s name?


Good Lord


Ya totally for sure


8+ years of investigations.


Cool, the way you’re going on about it, I figured that was the case.


Then let them carry the establishment torch looking to remove Trump from office. Mueller’s job was to investigate and expose Russian collusion with the Trump campaign and that should be revealed to the public immediately. The rest should be given the same time before being released to the public as the Warren Commission’s report was. That set the precedence in this matter IMHO.


No. You see, I was pointing out that the claim of trump being a juggernaut can be critiqued because he lost the house.